7 Important Skills You Need To Be a Great Website Designer

Before we talk about the 7 Important Skills You Need To Be a Great Website Designer, we do want to ask if you really like the idea of being a website designer. People who do have gone the extra mile to learn, even self-learn a number of vital skills that qualified web developers use in their career.

If you are interested in website development as a career, this article will further help them to diversify your learning potentials. Take note that you do not need to learn all these skills in any particular measure to make it in web design. But to be a fully rounded web professional, you need the following skills:

7 Important Skills You Need To Be a Great Website Designer

1. Typing Skill

Building a website actually involves working with more of text than graphics. I spend a lot of time on the keyboard inputting data as specified by my clients. Even when I work with HTML, CSS, PHP etc, it’s about typing lots of stuffs. The faster I type, the more work I get done in so little a time.

Besides, as a website designer, you’d mot probably code, write series of articles on blogs, or even write books for training purposes. If you do not learn how to type fast, you’d waste valuable time on the job.

2. Writing Skills

All website designers are writers and editors. The better you are in these skills, the better quality your output will be. You must

learn to use words effectively. Most times, your clients just make available little information and expect you to come up with great word structures. The better your word structure, the more you impress them.

For instance, if you can craft conversational and user-friendly web pages that effectively communicates, informs, and calls your visitors to take the actions that your clients want, it’s enough to judge your work as a good job even if you have not done enough graphically. .

Why is Writing Skill so Important for website developers?

  • With effective writing skill, you can effectively communicate your client’s brand to her target audience. You can communicate what the site is all about, what it does, and for whom. The more effective your wording, the more attention you will draw, and the more people will stick around to patronize the idea.
  • Search Engines Favor the Best Structured Words: before indexing the best website pages, Search engines try to understand what your website is trying to communicate. When it is clear and understandable, it is easier to gain favor with the search engine.

3. Graphic Design Skill

Graphics design skill is a must if you want to be building up attention-grabbing websites. You may have to tweak your client’s logo if you were not the one that designed it. You would need to bring out a fine finish using the best combination of colour, typography, 3D effects, and all the stylistic web design tricks you know.

4. Listening Skill

You need to patiently listen to your client to really understand what he really wants. If you do not listen carefully, you may end up crafting an unacceptable web site that serves little or no purpose. And when clients reject your work, it can be very frustrating! You would have wasted your time, energy and resources. Listening skill will help you create web sites that are consciously, deliberately, boldly focused on achieving specific goals for the client rather than your own perception.

5. Self-learning Skill

Even if you have all the training and certifications in the field of web development, you still have a lot to self-learn. Web design is a very diverse subject that includes ever changing visual design, technology, psychology, coding, etc. every single day, there are updates to codes and designs, new styles, new techniques, and new constraints and you need to keep pace with these challenges if you want to perform well in the business.

Here are some suggestions that will constantly keep you on top of the game:

  • Research new web development technologies and apply them to your work
  • Bookmark trustworthy web sites.
  • Follow high-quality newsfeeds, or visit sites that focus on the latest news.
  • Build a network of other skilled people you can turn to to share questions and knowledge.
  • Follow comments to good Forums.
  • Investigate the reason behind people’s successes in the industry. If someone’s getting it right, look at why, and look for ways you can apply similar techniques to achieve the same.

6. SEO Skill

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and website designing cannot be separated; they go hand-in-hand. After designing web pages, you have to optimize your pages for the search engines.

You have to understand how search result works, and why some pages are rated higher than others. This will enable you to think from the search engine’s perspective as you lay out your site’s pages and design its information architecture.

7. Programming Skill

The most important skill you need to design websites is programming. Website design is a combination of a number of programming languages. You can choose to apply any combination of codes based on recommendation, trends, and standard, but you simply can’t do without HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language) and CSS (Cascading style sheet).

HTML is the standardized markup language to create documents on the web. It includes titles, headings, text and links. It is the most common and basic language used in website development.

CSS is a language used hand in hand with HTML to allow you to set the appearance of the webpage such as the layout of texts and images, colors, and fonts. These elements may be built within or kept separate from the main webpage code.

Other programs you can use are PHP, JavaScrip, Perl, ASP.Net, Python, Ruby. These scripts allow you to create interactive web pages such as animations, games, apps, forms, etc.

Now you know the 7 Important Skills You Need To Be a Great Website Designer. The next thing you should do is to take an action. Begin learning these skills and start building your career in website design.

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