8 Blogging Secrets That Sucks In The Cash

For some time now, you have been reading people’s blogs! And you love the beautiful stories that trend along. You also admire the bloggers too. You have probably exclaimed: ‘O BOY! Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija; What really keeps them in the blogging business? How them dey take make money self?’ Are you for the money or for the passion? Well, the latter will help you achieve the former. Before we continue, take a moment to consider Eight Blogging Secrets No One is Telling You About.

So What Skills and tricks Have Successful Bloggers Applied to make their business?

Blogging Secret 1: Learn About NICHE

Before you even think of penning down your first article, do a careful research about a niche. And not just any niche, go for high-paying niches! If you are out of ideas, here is a clue based on what has driven people’s curiosity over the years:

  1. News is probably the most high-paying niche around
  2. Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment is intoxicating
  3. Music and Video Latest Releases is additive
  4. Career Guide and Counseling is refreshing and inspiring
  5. Latest Jobs Blog renews peoples’ hope and aspiration
  6. Mobile and PC Software Tips opens new ideas
  7. “How To” and Technical Guides adds to knowledge
  8. Health Tips and Latest Health Technology renews hope
  9. Herbs and Traditional Medicine opens health options
  10. Food and Catering Tips is exciting
  11. Fashion and Beauty Tips is beautiful and inspirational
  12. University Latest News is in the lips of students
  13. Sports News and Analysis is refreshing
  14. Product Reviews and Buyers’ Guide leads the way

Be free to choose a niche from the above list. Yet, do your own research. The best tool you can use to do your research is Google’s Free Keyword Planner

Blogging Secret 2: Use a Good Blogging System and Template

The most popular blogging platforms are WordPress and Blogger. The world’s most successful blogs are built on these platforms. For instance, CNN is built on wordpress, and Linda Ikeji uses Blogger. Each one of them has its unique properties and composition. Some bloggers claim that Blogger is simpler to use than WordPress, while others believe that WordPress is more user- friendly and all-encompassing than Blogger. Whatever choice you make will determine your traffic result, search engine ranking, and page views. Any one of Blogger and WordPress is beautiful for any blogger.

Another thing to consider is your blogging theme or template. Beautiful, well-structured templates actually bring more traffic to your blog as they are search engine likeable, attractive to the eye and more enjoyable to read. When it comes to this, WordPress is leading the game, seriously!

Blogging Secret 3: Learn About SEO-Search Engine Optimization

SEO is what makes all the difference in your blog. It’s that huge secret that determines whether people will visit your blog or not. And am sure you do want lots of people to visit your blog daily! Why are huge visits or traffic so important? When you have huge traffic, advertisers consider your blog an attractive place to pin their adverts. And they are ready to pay good money for it. For instance, when Linda Ikeji was making her defense against rumors that she received N240m in connection with Dasuki arms deal scandal; she came up on social media and confessed that she received ‘a few millions’ for political adverts.

I quote her:

“But seriously for the record…no party registered or unregistered, no human being dead or alive gave me N240m for anything. The only advert I did for PDP was a page background take-over for former president Jonathan… and they asked for the space after I did a page background take-over for APC’s Akinwunmi Ambode. (I’m sure you all saw it). The two parties paid me same amount. I had a politics advert rate which I sent to everyone who wanted to advertise on LIB! And it was a few millions …which some of you followed to chop inside in the giveaway that April…lol. #Kidding!Read full story here:”

Imagine making a few millions because your blog has become investors’ favorite! Your knowledge of how search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Binge, etc work will get you there. It goes beyond that though. Why not start doing research about the following jargons: pagerank, metadata, Header tags, keyword density, SERP, CPC, CTR, Moz authority, longtail keyword, backlink, outbound link, inlink and a host of other SEO tips.

Blogging Secret 4: Launch an Asset Blog Not a Liability Blog

What’s Asset to you? In plain language, an asset is whatever you need that makes you progress in life. But a Liability is that thing that takes away your valuables whether you realizes it or not. That’s why people call a House an asset and a car a Liability. A house can fetch you money and make you progress; but a car can sap money from you for fueling and maintenance and drain your pocket.

In the same way, if you launch a blog that will solve people’s problems and make them progress in life; they will always come back for more. They may even recommend your blog to others. But if you launch a blog that wastes people’s time and internet data because you do not have useful content, bye to them, they won’t come back.

Blogging Secret 5: Don’t Be a Lazy Blogger

A lazy Blogger posts articles or content today and posts again two in weeks’ time. How do you think you can carry people along if you publish only 3 content a month?

A moderate Blogger posts 2-3 articles every week. That makes 8-12 articles monthly. That’s fair enough.

A Hardworking Blogger publishes several articles daily. When you see their activity, you know they are ready for the blogging business.

If you cannot be either a hardworking or a moderate blogger, making a career in blogging may only remain a dream in your mind.

Blogging Secret 6: Post Quality Content

Now that you have begun blogging, is your content quality or copied? Well, it is against search engines’ rules to copy-paste content from other blogs without proper credit to the original writer. Seriously, Google frowns at bloggers that copy and paste on their blog. Google has the technology (Panda, Penguin) to detect which blog is breaking its rules. And these technologies will periodically penalize your blogs if you are used to this habit by reducing your blog’s page rankings or even removing your blog from search results (de-indexing).

So, spend some time writing quality articles if you really want to remain in the business of blogging. To Google, Content is king! The more quality content you post, the more you blog gets popular, trusted, and loved by the search engines.

Blogging Secret 7: Be Present on Social Media

Social media is one great technology that is easily rewarding bloggers for their hard work. Each time they post on social media, they reach a huge audience who most times become repeat visitors. As this trend continues, their social media likes increase. The more social media likes, the more trust search engines have for their blogs. So, leverage on social media as a veritable tool for blogging success. Each time you update you blog, update your social media page also. Some bloggers have installed social media auto-post widget that automatically updates all their social media accounts immediately they update their blog. The important thing is that they have a constant presence on social media which is a very good trick.

Blogging Secret 8: Monetize your Blog

Everything we have discussed above is to help you make money from your blog right? Then it is crucial that you monetize your blog unless you want to run a charity blog like Wikipedia where you every now and then ask readers for donations. You can start monetizing your blog with Google Adsense, Chitika, Bidvertiser, Addynamo, Adbrite, etc. These advertising networks allow you to add text links and banner ads on your blog for money. And when you have gathered enough traffic, you can make money selling advert space for local advertisers in your niche.

Another good way to monetize your blog is to sell information products such as ebooks, tutorials, manuals, and video that relate to your niche.

For bloggers who cannot produce information products, they have made money from affiliate marketing. They join an affiliate network, include products on their sites and receive commissions each time they make a sale.

If you have huge chunk of followers on facebook and twitter, you can publish or tweet sponsored posts to your readers on behalf of companies for money.


Becoming a successful blogger requires some skills, tricks, and your constant attention. We want to add at this time that blogging is a career. Many people have made it their career choice and it is paying off for them. You too can make blogging your career if you are ready to work hard at it!

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