Who is an Athlete?

An Athlete is One who competes in athletic events.

Depending on his job specification he may be called: Hockey Player, Baseball Player, Golf Professional, Baseball Pitcher, Professional Golf Tournament Player, Basketball Player, Minor League Baseball Player, Major League Baseball Player, Professional Athlete, Football Player

This Occupation May Require: SSCE or Less; Diploma; Degree; Training.

Tasks, Duties, Responsibilities

  • Attends scheduled practice or training sessions.
  • Participates in athletic events or competitive sports, according to established rules and regulations.
  • Exercises or practices under the direction of athletic trainers or professional coaches to develop skills, improve physical condition, or prepare for competitions.
  • Maintains equipment used in a particular sport.
  • Maintains optimum physical fitness levels by training regularly, following nutrition plans, or consulting with health professionals.
  • Assesses performance following athletic competition, identifying strengths and weaknesses and making adjustments to improve future performance.
  • Receives instructions from coaches and other sports staff prior to events, and discusses their performance afterwards.
  • Represents teams or professional sports clubs, performing such activities as meeting with members of the media, making speeches, or participating in charity events.; Leads teams by serving as captain.

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