How to Avoid The Snare of Career confusion

Imagine that you are in college studying to be a pharmacist. You have taken all sorts of tough classes and have done pretty well. Your parents are thrilled. You are on the verge of entering a profession and getting a good job. But you give your parents a late-night call. You tell them that you don’t really want to be a pharmacist. You have taken an accounting course and really liked it. Is it career confusion? You don’t know. All you know is that You now want to be an accountant!

Just then you called your parents on the phone and yelled:” Mom, Dad, I’ve Changed My Mind”.

Your parents are stunned. They put down the phone in disbelief. “What about all the chemistry and other courses he took? Of what use are they now?” “How will he pay for another three or four years of university to achieve his goal of getting an accounting degree?” “Will he later find he doesn’t like accounting too?” They don’t know whether to be glad that you have found the career that is right for you or sad that you are making the wrong choice.

Many, many university students change their courses late in the game. Many more students enter careers that they later learn are not suited to their personalities or abilities. The fact is that far too many students enter the university with vague notions or are simply clueless about themselves or the types of careers that match their interests.

Career dissatisfaction is inevitable if you as a students don’t attempt to understand yourself and what you want out of life before making important career decisions. However, if you are open to career advice you can be properly guide. And with the proper guidance, you as a young person can prepare yourself to make good career decisions, including selecting a university course and a university.

If you must avoid the snare of career confusion, here are some good tips:

  1. start now to prepare yourself in making important career decisions.
  2. Be open to guidance but do not let anyone make decisions for you-not your friends, not your teacher, not even your parents.
  3. Do not choose a career because your friends are choosing it.
  4. And Never be tempted to follow your parents’ career path.
  5. At the same time, do not be hasty in making a career decision. Hasty career decisions can lead to major problems down the line.

You can avoid being confused career wise if you are discreet in choosing your career path.