Catfish Farming Business in Nigeria: A Detailed Guide

Catfish Farming Business is undeniably an exciting and lucrative business to venture in Nigeria. Yo can make a lot of money form fish farming business in Nigeria. At the same time, it is a business that you must approach with high level of carefulness and forecasting because of the level of investment that can eventually go into it. This guide will show you How to start Successful In Catfish farming Business in Nigeria?

Why Consider Catfish Farming Business in Nigeria?

 Whether you sell your fish live or preserve them dry, there is a ready market. Catfish farming is an investment that can adequately cater to your financial needs. Consider this: Nigeria as a nation needs an estimated 1.55 metric tones of fish to feed the nation. But only 0.47 metric tones are available for supply.
 There is a special joy in bringing up such playful living creatures. Such activity can give you an emotional uplift.
 It is a very good way of utilizing your land to your own advantage.
 The awareness that you are contributing to food production is satisfying.

Risks in Catfish Farming Business in Nigeria?

Every other business has its own risks and challenges, and Catfish Farming Business in Nigeria is not excluded. Here are some things you should consider before venturing into fish farming:
 There is always inadequate supply of fingerlings
 The cost of importing fish feeds is high.
 The death of already nurtured fish can be emotionally drowning given the level of investments, and resources of time and effort.
 The investment infused into a failed project is almost irrecoverable.
 The cost of equipment is high
 The project is expensive and time consuming
 Non awareness of buyers or non-conformity to buyers’ requirement can result in a huge waste.

More About Catfish Farming Business in Nigeria

To operate Catfish farming business in Nigeria, you normally would start with what is called Nursery Fish Farming. This involves hashing or inducing the female fish to lay eggs. Take note here that not many fish farmers can harsh fish or even have an idea about how to do this. Most fish farmers simply buy fingerlings. In doing this, they stand the risk of buying the wrong kind of fish order than they intended. Normally, fish eggs would be fertilized, incubated, and hatched. The eggs so hatched are referred to as fries. At this point, you would need some time to carefully nurture these fries into fingerlings. From fingerlings, catfish fish advance to post fingerlings, then to juveniles, then to jumbos, then to table size. All in all, you would have to advance from the Nursery Stage to the Primary Operation stage, and then to the Grow Out Stage.

Resources Needed for Catfish Farming Business in Nigeria?

The three resources you need to get your catfish farming business started is the land or vat (plastic pond) on which you want to raise the cute little things, the water supply, and the fish pond.

The Land: The land should be big enough to accommodate your business need. This means that you must consider how large you want your business to be before you can really determine how much land space you need. Take note that the land cannot be isolated from labour source, water source, drainage system, good access road, transportation to the market place, as well as security. If you would be employing someone to raise the fish for you, you can build a modest accommodation for him on the land so that he serves the purposes of care- taking and a security.

The Water: It is all too important to determine your water source. Rain water, lake water, well water, and Bore hole water are good sources of water for cat fish farming. It is crucial that you check the PH or alkalinity of the water source. Implore experts to check the range of the water before you go ahead.

The Pond: The size of the pond is determined by the largeness of your business. If your business is small-scale, then you would need a small fish pond. But if you plan to run a large-scale, commercial fish harvesting, then you would need a large pond to accommodate your business need. Before the pond is built, you need to involve experts to forecast and evaluate the  size, cost, and extent of work to be done. This is important because it is nearly impossible to correct mistakes on already built fish ponds. If you want to start small, consider using a vat.

Other Considerations: What is the minimum water flow volume and rate for the pond? What water pumping mechanism is in place-is it reliable? What is the design of the fish pond? What is the depth of the pond? Is the water and soil up to standard?

Take note that fish needs oxygen to thrive, hence the depth of the pond matters. In this connection, small-scale catfish farmers are concerned about the level of heat that vats can exude during hot season. Put that in check too.

Have you settled permits or licenses that are required by local authorities? Have you done a test-run by growing the fish on sample water to see if they would thrive, in a given time frame?


If you plan to run a commercial Catfish Farming Business in Nigeria, it is crucial that you do a market survey to know which type weight, and size of fish is on demand in your target area. But be assured that ready buyers are waiting for you when you are ready to enter into the market.

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