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Mara Mentor is a social enterprise that encourages and supports young entrepreneurs in Africa. An initiative of Mara Foundation, Mara Mentor enables ambitious entrepreneurs to connect with peers and business leaders. It empowers entrepreneurs to build their businesses into agents of job creation and economic advancement. It also inspires, and facilitates a collaborative approach to business start-up and growth.

Mara Group’s social enterprise established Mara Mentor in 2009. Its founder Ashish J. Thakkar is keen on seizing the opportunities presented by the proliferation of mobile phones in Africa to provide more young people with the expert advice that they need to launch and grow their businesses.

“I know that for entrepreneurs at the start of their journey, fear of failure can be a very real obstacle to their progress. For me, the best way to overcome that fear is to access guidance from real business experts.  That is why we have developed Mara Mentor – the tool that every entrepreneur needs in their pocket. We are thrilled to launch Mara Mentor with President Mahama and collaborate with the Government of Ghana to help create a new wave of young entrepreneurs,” he said.

As a member of Mara Mentor, you can easily link with successful and established African business leaders for advice and mentorship. You can also build your network and access the guidance that you need at the early stages of your business development. Mara Mentor can be accessed via a web based platform and also mobile applications available on iPhone and Android

The Mara Mentor initiative encourages idea and knowledge sharing among the most promising young entrepreneurs, inspiring a collaborative approach to business start-up and growth. Mara Mentor has been created to empower youth and women in their business endeavours, recognising that they are the driving force behind global growth and future prosperity. Ambitious entrepreneurs are encouraged to interact on the online community by raising a question, kick-starting a discussion and reaching out for personalised advice. Mentees can use the platform to showcase their business ideas and reach out to like-minded individuals to identify new business opportunities.

If your calling is to be an entrepreneur, becoming a member of Mara Mentor is one of the wisest steps you could ever take.

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