Coronavirus: 7 Hot Businesses That Will Make You Rich Before The Virus Ends

Coronavirus: 7 Hot Businesses That Will Make You Rich Before The Virus Ends

As we all know, the Coronavirus epidemic has drastically affected business operations all over the world. In America, Europe, Asia, and Africa offices, factories, shops, restaurants, hotels, flights, and even local transportation businesses have been clamped down. This situation is about the worst the world has ever seen.

Be that as it may, there is always an opportunity in every situation. As they say ‘every cloud has a silver lining.’ Many persons are actually seeing a ‘silver lining’ in the cloud of Coronavirus pandemic. in other words, while thousands of people are dying from the virus attack, a handful of people are actually making money from the dicey situation. Its about using wisdom to find money-making opportunities in these dark times.

If you look very carefully, you will find ways to become rich before the Coronavirus epidemic ends. The opportunities I am about to disclose are actually time sensitive. In other words, you need to act fast with the use of the information because when the epidemic ends your chances of making money will become limited. Let us now consider six businesses you can do that can make you rich before the Coronavirus epidemic ends.

7 Hot Businesses That Will Make You Rich Before Corona Virus Ends

1. Join Penny Wise Wealth Management

Penny wise Wealth Management pays you 2.%-3% of Your money every day. If you deposit 100 usd, you earn N20,000 monthly. The more you invest the more you earn. You can invest from 100 usd to 100,000 usd. If you invest from 10,000 usd and above Penny wise will pay you 3% daily.

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2. Sell Antiviral Products.

Antiviral products such as Hand Sanitizer, soaps, and antiseptics are the most wanted products right now, all over the world. These products have been approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as well as many governments of the world following the outbreak of Coronavirus. Soaps, antiseptics, and especially Hand sanitizers contain active ingredients that are very effective for fighting bacteria. They are also known for keeping the spread of Coronavirus in check. In many shops worldwide, the prices of hand sanitizers have skyrocketed because of increase in demand. In fact, there is now a scarcity of hand sanitizers in many places. Now is the time for this kind of business. Some wise business people have even learnt how to produce hand sanitizers professionally and added their products into the market basket. The market for these antiviral products is booming and you can have your share of the boom! But be reminded that one beneficial way to sell these products is to sell them online. You can either create your own online store or add them to already established online stores. This way, you will still be selling even if you do not have a physical store, or if local shops are forced to close down.

Publish Articles About Coronavirus

As millions of people the world over are now being forced to stay home, they now have more time than ever to surf the internet, and read news and blogs especially regarding Coronavirus. Every one wants to know what his or her fate is, hence they search every available online content to find information about the Coronavirus trend. To be sure visit to find out what people worldwide are searching for the most. As at the time of writing this article, I discovered that Coronavirus topped the list of what people are searching for. The secret is that if you write about Coronavirus on platforms such as Opera News Hub, or on your own blog, with little blog optimization technique you will receive a lot of traffic which will translate into money as the case may be.

4. Create Youtube Content About Coronavirus.

As we have seen a lot of people now have a lot of time and they are looking for what to do with their time. Many spend time watching videos on Youtube. Don’t be surprised that most people are searching for video contents that relate to Coronavirus. Many Youtubers are tapping this opportunity; they are now publishing video contents that educate people on Coronavirus; while some others are creating funny video contents about the virus that will amuse people. Contents like this refresh people and make them laugh away their fears. Now is the time to create helpful and well-monetized video contents on Youtube and you will see the money rolling in.

5. Invest in Crypto Currencies

If you have been following the Crypto Currency market you will discover that all the major crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Etherium, and Ripple are shedding a lot of value. Their prices are dropping tremendously and the market is now very volatile. Now would be the best time to buy any of these Crypto Currencies because very soon, after the virus epidemic the prices will most likely shoot up. If you buy cheap now, you will make a lot of money when the prices rebound.

6. Sell E-learning Contents.

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced schools and learning centres all over the world to close down. Some schools have already moved their learning systems online in view of the time. At the same time, many people are now using the stay-at-home opportunity to learn skills online. Hence, e-learning centres are now booming. If you have a skill for which you are a master or a tutor, now is the time to create a digital content of your course for selling online. All you need to do is to create a training outline, use a good digital camera to video your training session, use a video editing software to edit your video, and then publish your course online. There are a lot of well-established e-leaning websites that will allow you to sell your online courses and make money. They will even pay you royalty for each student that enrols for your online class. Another kind of training that sells is information technology related course. You can video this kind of training using screen-capturing software.

7. Create A Game App

If you are a tech savvy person who knows how to code for Android or IOS platforms, it is hi time you created a thrilling game that will engage people and help them fight their boredom and play away their fears. The world-wide stay-at-home situation is already forcing many more people to source for interesting online contents such as games in the app stores. And if you have published an interesting game app, people will become glued to it and you would have gained many users even after the Coronavirus pandemic has ended.

Every situation in life whether good or band opens a new opportunity. But many people do not quickly identify these opportunities when they come. Opportunity has the funny behaviour of always disguising herself when she arrives. And as one writer puts it: ‘opportunity always passes through the back door.’ Only few people see it when it enters and goes out. While millions of people are only seeing the dark side of Coonavirus, you can live above your fears and smile to the bank if you use the present opportunities wisely.

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