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Rabbit farming like other livestock farming is a lucrative business. While many farmers are paying attention to poultry, fishery, cattle, pig, and snail, you can have a big advantage if you venture into rabbit farming. And you can do it with little investment.

What You Will Learn

1 – Commercial Rabbit Business
2 – Rabbit Breeds
3 – Rabbit Feeding And Housing Facilities
4 – Breeding Stock
5 – Marketing Your Rabbits
6 – Vaccination and medication

What You Will Gain After The Course

    • You will become skilled in rabbit farming.
    • You will be confident to start your rabbit farming business by acquiring the requisite skills to make the business grow and be profitable.

Course Information

Rabbits reproduce fast compared to other aspects of livestock farming. It will interest you to know that Rabbits are prolific animals – each doe can reproduce 4 times a year on an average of 8 kits per kindling. That is why it is lucrative.

This training will clearly show you how you can farm rabbits and make lots of profits from it.

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