Snail Farming Master Course

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  • Last Update July 5, 2021

About Course

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What You Will Learn

1 – Ho to source for Giant African Snail species suitable for rearing.
2- Natural adaptive and survival features, nutritional, economic and medicinal values.
3- Routine practices for healthy snail rearing.
4- Necessary steps required to develop a formidable snail farm/garden.
5- Rearing methods and management techniques.
6- Design and construction of modern snail pens/farms.
7- Potential local and foreign markets and marketing techniques.
8- How to minimize cost and ensure profitability in the business.
9- Practical observation of snail activities in the farm.

What You Will Gain After The Course

    • You will become skilled in snail farming.
    • You will be confident to start your snail farming business by acquiring the requisite skills to make the business grow and be profitable.

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