Uptown Hair Styling Training

About Course

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This course will guide you as you look to pursue your education in professional hairstyling techniques. We will work one on one with you as you learn, beginning with the basics and then progressing into more advanced techniques.

We welcome all students, including those who are just beginning and who have no previous experience in hairstyling. This hair stylist training was also designed for Makeup Artists who are looking to create a well-rounded professional portfolio and skill set.

What Will I Learn?

  • Proper Client Etiquette
  • The Importance of Safety and Hygiene
  • Styling Products and Tools
  • Why We Practice on Mannequins
  • Types of Hair
  • Occasions
  • Bridal Trial
  • Client Relationships
  • Extensions
  • French Twist
  • More Than 10 Hairstyles

About the instructor

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uptown hair styling training


  • 12 months Apprenticeship Course
  • No prior knowledge

Target Audience

  • Artists who are pursuing work in bridal, private clients, special occasion, fashion, and film