Who is a Craft Artist?

A Craft Artist is One who creates or reproduces hand-made objects for sale and exhibition using a variety of techniques, such as welding, weaving, pottery, and needlecraft.

Depending on his job function he may be called: Glass Artist, Designer, Fiber Artist, Furniture Maker, Glass Blower, Bronze Sculptor, Ceramic Artist, Ceramics Sculptor, Cordwainer, Custom Shoe-Maker.

This Occupation May Require: SSCE; Diploma; Degree; Professional Certification, Training,

Tasks, Duties, Responsibilities

  • Creates functional or decorative objects by hand, using a variety of methods and materials.
  • Cuts, shapes, fits, joins, molds, or otherwise processes materials, using hand tools, power tools, and/or machinery.
  • Attends craft shows to market products.
  • Selects materials for use based on strength, color, texture, balance, weight, size, malleability and other characteristics.
  • Applies finishes to objects being crafted.
  • Develops concepts or creative ideas for craft objects.
  • Sets specifications for materials, dimensions, and finishes.
  • Confers with customers to assess customer needs or obtain feedback.
  • Fabricates patterns or templates to guide craft production.
  • Creates prototypes or models of objects to be crafted.

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