Demonstrator and Product Promoter

A Demonstrator is One who demonstrates or sells merchandise and answers questions for the purpose of creating public interest in buying the product.

Depending on his job specification he may be called: Demonstrator, Product Demonstrator, Merchandiser, In Store Demonstrator, Event Specialist, Field Merchandiser, Food Demonstrator, Product Ambassador

This Occupation May Require: SSCE

Tasks, Duties, Responsibilities

  • Demonstrates or explains products, methods, or services to persuade customers to purchase products or use services.
  • Provides product samples, coupons, informational brochures, or other persuasive incentives
  • Keeps areas neat while working and returns items to correct locations following demonstrations.
  • Records and reports demonstration-related information, such as the number of questions asked by the audience or the number of coupons distributed.
  • Sells products being promoted and keeps records of sales.
  • Sets up and arranges displays on areas to attract the attention of prospective customers.
  • Suggests specific product purchases to meet customers’ needs.
  • Transports, assembles, and disassembles materials used in presentations.
  • Identifies interested and qualified customers to provide them with additional information.
  • Practices demonstrations to ensure that they will run smoothly.

Tools: Bar code reader equipment, Calculator, Digital camera, Domestic electric skillet, Domestic toaster oven

Technology: Internet browser software, Presentation software, Spreadsheet software, Word processing software

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