Fashion Designing, Tailoring, Dress Making, What’s The Difference?

Many people believe that so long as you are dealing with clothing and apparels, you are a fashion designer. And many other people who have a passion for clothing and apparels feel that any form of training they undergo in this field is fashion design training. If you dream of making a career in the fashion world, knowing the difference between Fashion Designing, Tailoring, Seamstress, and Dress Making will help you decide which fashion training to undergo and how to go about your career in the fashion industry.

Who is a Seamstress?

A Seamstress (male Seamster) is a woman who uses patterns, cuts fabrics, and uses a sewing machine or her hand to sew clothes, usually women’s clothes. She may construct and sew all kinds of garments, accessories, upholstery, etc. She may or may not be skilled enough to make a complete dress.

Who is a Tailor?

A Tailor is either a man or a woman who uses a set of specific hand and machine sewing and pressing techniques to make, repair, or alter clothing professionally, especially suits and men’s clothing. A tailor may specialize in formal wears and garments for special occasions like weddings.

Who is a Dressmaker?

A Dressmaker is a man or a woman who makes dresses. Even if they can make their own patterns, many dressmakers alter commercial patterns to suit their clients. Unlike a Seamstress who may not be able to complete a dress, a Dressmaker does complete finishing of her work. Some dressmakers are fashion designers who prefer the creative and artistic freedom their own studio gives them.

Who is a Fashion Designer?    .

A Fashion Designer is the creator or the brain behind a new fashion design such a runway garment, a tee shirt or a jean. To bring a fashion design to birth a fashion designer conceives the garment combination of line, proportion, color, and texture. He or she spends a lot of time planning, conducting research, and conceptualizing. Most times, Fashion designers do not engage in sewing. All they do is oversee the design and mass production of their concept.

Now that you understand the differences between seamstress, dressmaker, tailor, and fashion designer, ask yourself:

  1. what skills will a good fashion school teach me?
  2. Do I need to attend a university to become a fashion designer?