Who is a Floral designer?

A Floral Designer is One who cuts, and arranges live, dried, or artificial flowers and foliage.

Depending on her job specification she may be called: Flower Shop Laborer/Designer, Floral Artist.

This Occupation May Require: SSCE or less, Diploma; Degree; Professional Certification, Training

Tasks, Duties, Responsibilities

  • Confers with clients regarding price and type of arrangement desired and the date, time, and place of delivery.
  • Plans arrangement according to client’s requirements, utilizing knowledge of design and properties of materials, or select appropriate standard design pattern.
  • Waters plants, and cuts, conditions, and cleans flowers and foliage for storage.
  • Selects flora and foliage for arrangements, working with numerous combinations to synthesize and develop new creations.
  • Orders and purchases flowers and supplies from wholesalers and growers.
  • Wraps and prices completed arrangements.
  • Trims material and arranges bouquets, wreaths, terrariums, and other items using trimmers, shapers, wire, pins, floral tape, foam, and other materials.
  • Performs office and retail service duties such as keeping financial records, serving customers, answering telephones, selling giftware items and receiving payment.
  • Informs customers about the care, maintenance, and handling of various flowers and foliage, indoor plants, and other items.
  • Decorates or supervises the decoration of buildings, halls, churches, or other facilities for parties, weddings and other occasions.

Tools: Trimmer, Shaper, Wire, Pin, Floral Tape, Foam,

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