Who is a Graphic Designer?

A Graphic Designer is One who designs or creates graphics to meet specific commercial or promotional needs, such as packaging, displays, or logos.

Depending on his job function he may be called: Graphic Designer, Graphic Artist, Designer, Creative Director, Artist, Design Director, Composing Room Supervisor, Creative Manager, Desktop Publisher, Graphic Designer/Production.

This Occupation May Require: SSCE: Diploma; Degree; Professional Certification, Training

Tasks, Duties, Responsibilities

  • Creates designs, concepts, and sample layouts based on knowledge of layout principles and esthetic design concepts.
  • Determines size and arrangement of illustrative material and copies, and selects style and size of type.
  • Confers with clients to discuss and determine layout design.
  • Develops graphics and layouts for product illustrations, company logos, and Internet websites.
  • Reviews final layouts and suggests improvements as needed.
  • Prepares illustrations or rough sketches of material, discussing them with clients or supervisors and making necessary changes.
  • Uses computer software to generate new images.
  • Keys information into computer equipment to create layouts for client or supervisor.
  • Maintains archive of images, photos, or previous work products.
  • Prepares notes and instructions for workers who assemble and prepare final layouts for printing

Tools: Computer, laser printers; Wide format printers, Laptop computers, Photocopying equipment, Computer scanners, 35 millimeter cameras

Technology: Data base user interface and query software, Desktop publishing software , Graphics or photo imaging software , Web page creation and editing software , Web platform development software

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