How can I Become a Really Good Make-Up Artist?

How can I Become a Really Good Make-Up Artist?

If you love meeting new people, visiting new places, and even traveling, then make-up art would be a wonderful skill to explore. Make-up art is a good way put some creative ideas into practice. One thing I love about make-up artistry is that within minutes, you have seen the result of your creation and this gives lots of satisfaction, especially when your clients are happy with your work. Each of your work is an imprint that sends a message across. And if you have the opportunity to work with celebrities, make-up art will allow you to show case your skill to the world instantly. You may already know all of this. But one thing that may still be ringing in your mind is: how can I become a really good makeup artist?

So what’s The Best Way to Become a Make-up Artist?

To become a really good make-up artist, consider the following steps carefully.

1. Apply for a Make-up Art Program. First of all, you should apply for a makeup art program. There are road side trainers, and even your friend or family member may offer to teach you the techniques. But if you really want to be professional in this skill, you need a very good training program. How can you determine a quality training program? The content of the training does. Consider an example of a quality Make-up art training program:
Build you Network. Ask your friends and family if you can do makeovers on them. They will hardly reject you offer because everyone loves being pampered. So go for it! It will be a fun and relaxing experiment for everyone involved! You have nothing to lose!

To illustrate, I know a lady who while yet working circularly, she was building her network as a student of a make-up school. On Saturdays by 4pm, she would invite her friends and family to her uncle’s home and would offer them free make-up. As time went on, her audience began providing refreshment like snacks and drinks. Because they were enjoying the fun, they would also invite their friends. At a point, her uncle’s home could no longer accommodate the big audience that was attending her ‘make-up party’. One day, she announced that she wanted to start holding the party in a local garden in the city and she would need some funds. Hence, each attendee should give a little fee as entrance fee. This method worked! And she began earning some money for her work. Before long, she quit her job because she was making more and more money as her audience grew bigger and bigger. She was also being recommended for major events. Soon, she got really established and made a big name for herself in the make-up industry.

2. Sell the cosmetics of your favorite brand. This allows you to practice your skill on a variety of women. Familiarize yourself with new products and learn how they are best applied. Try to perfect your color techniques on real, everyday women. As you do this, you get more and more comfortable with your techniques and styles for a variety of looks and women. Try to take into consideration different skin tones, hair colors, eye colors and facial structures. This is what make-up artistry is all about!

3. Work with a Local Photographer. Once you are comfortable and confident with your techniques, try to hook up with a local photographer to see how your looks translate to media. This will give you an idea about how lighting will affect your work. In the long run, this photographer will be your ally – he/she can help with building your portfolio and will eventually be able to recommend you and your work! Be ready to work with as many professional photographers as possible for free! Yes, even if you aren’t paid you are building your portfolio that will soon start paying off, for real!

4. Build a Business with your techniques and Experience. All that you have been doing before now is not just about being an artist; it is about building a business or a brand. Building a business is about strategics. So consider you previous steps as your strategy. You will discover that the more you progress from one step to the next, you would have built a passion for your skill, and soon you are naturally thinking about business. So go for it. It would be a big mistake if you forget the business part.

So how can you become a really good Make-up artist? Learn the trade, network, sell the brand you admire, connect with good photographers, and build your business. You won’t regret that you did.

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