How to make money from Snail farming

Snail farming also known as Heliciculture is a very lucrative business in Nigeria and   the world at large.This is due to the fact that the market opportunity for snail farming in the world is huge but grossly underrated. Snails are a huge part of the diet the world over, although they are not always affordable and available all always.

In this article we are going to  consider steps in starting a snail farm and how to build a snailery and also protective  measures for the snail farm.


In starting a snail farm ,there are certain factors to consider.These includes;

  • Soil type
  • Snail sourcing
  • Snail safety
  • Snail feeding

you have

1. Soil Type

An important  factor  to consider before embarking on snail farming is Soil type. Soil Composition, water content and texture are important factors you have to consider in selecting a site. Snails easily get dehydrated so they need a lot of water to thrive and the water is gotten mostly from the soil. Snails lay their eggs by the digging the soil and to rest during the dry season.

The soil  for your snail farm should be loose and that its calcium and water content very high. Clay soil cannot be used because it becomes waterlogged in the rainy season and compacts during the dry season while also sandy soil is not advisable because of its low water holding capacity.

The most desirable soil for snail farming is a soil with high organic matter it can support the growth and development of the snails. This can be determined by checking the soil if it is a good growth of coco-yam, tomatoes and leafy vegetables.


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