How to Start a Carpet Cleaning Business in Nigeria

Carpet Cleaning Business in Nigeria is not a bad idea. Consider this: many offices, government building, malls, hotels, and commercial complexes in Nigeria have carpets laid on their floors. These Carpets not only provide comfort, they also beautify business areas. Carpets are also commercial fittings that can sell a company’s brand with its logo weaved on it.

Having installed such a useful piece in the office area, business owners do everything to maintain their carpets. If you are in the business of Carpet cleaning, you are probably the one they will call.

Why Choose Carpet Cleaning Business in Nigeria?

  • When their carpets get dirty, people prefer to hire a carpet cleaner rather than buying the equipment to maintain their carpets. This is because it is cheaper and more convenient.
  • Each time a carpet cleaner maintains carpets, they increase their lifespan. Carpet owners know this well, so they will always require the services of carpet cleaners.
  • As a Carpet cleaner, you have tools and sprays that are specifically designed to tackle certain problems such as stains, blotches, or even certain carpet fabrics. These things carpet owners don’t have.

How To Start Carpet Cleaning Business in Nigeria

It would be much easier for you to start this business if you have worked with an industrial cleaning firm, or with carpet cleaning firms. This will help you to understand more about the carpet cleaning business in Nigeria and to gain the experience you need to start your own business. You will come to understand what it really takes to clean carpets, how to manage the business, the equipment and supplies you need, and how to maintain the equipment. Apart from that, you will lean how to fix prices on your services, and how to market and sell your services.

However, if you have not worked with an industrial cleaning firm, or a carpet cleaning firm before you can still start and succeed in carpet cleaning business.

4 Tips to Starting Your Carpet Cleaning Business in Nigeria

  1. Prepare a Carpet Cleaning Business Plan. A business plan will help you get your business started. For instance, it will help you focus on an aspect of carpet cleaning- commercial carpet cleaning or residential cleaning or even both. In your business plan include the various cleaning services you will be rendering – deep cleaning, spot or stain removal, steam cleaning, carpet repair, carpet embroidery, supply of environmental friendly products, etc. Estimate how much you will charge for your services, how many customers you will be maintaining monthly, and how much you will spend on expenses. Also, Create marketing and growth strategies.
  2. Choose a Good Business Location! Choosing the wrong location can ruin your business. Remember that you will be transporting carpet cleaning equipment form place to place. So, choose an area that is filled residential or commercial complexes. Nearness to your customers will allow you to focus on other important aspects of your business such as book keeping, equipment and file storage, receiving calls, etc.
  3. Register Your Business and Pay for Licenses: Any business that will grow needs to be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. It is important to have all the official documents that are required to run a company. Make sure your license to practice carpet cleaning is approved.
  4. Choose the right equipment: Whether you are cleaning for residential apartments or for commercial complexes, you need to choose equipment and products that will help you achieve your business goals. You can probably start with industrial vacuums, steam carpet cleaning machines, low flow carpet cleaners, and cleaning chemicals.
  5. Promote Your Business: Your carpet cleaning business in Nigeria can only succeed if you promote it constantly. To start with, Get a website for you business. Create Social media profiles. Publish testimonials from satisfied customers on your web pages. Create videos of your services on YouTube. Advertise on the radio. Market your business in places such as malls, multiplexes, or even fairs and expos. These events are a great place to introduce a new company.


Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business in Nigeria can be profitable in the long run. People need your services and you need to satisfy them. Gain the experience, draw up your business plan, promote you business and soon you will never regret that you started this business.

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