How to Start Hair Dressing Salon In Nigeria

Every woman naturally wants to constantly look good. This is why they visit hair dressing salon every now and then. So if your plan is to open a hair dressing salon, you already have streams of customers- all manner of women, young and old. For this reason, hair dressing salon in Nigeria is a lucrative business.

But to succeed in hair dressing business like every other businesses you need to put some things together. These include getting trained from a good hair dressing school. You also need money to start your own hair dressing salon. And of course you must equip your salon with tools, equipment, furnishing and consumables

Acquire Good Hair Dressing Training

A lot of hair salons claim to be teaching hair styling. But it is crucial that you train from very good hair dressing salons that has built reputation and large customer base.

In my salon, I do not play with the quality of knowledge my students or apprentices go away with. I segment my apprentices into levels and give them tasks as the become mature for the task.  Before an apprentice begins to handle customer’s hair, they must have proven over time that they are committed and reliable. And of course, I ensure that every of my student is committed to learning. – Mrs Ebere Seasoned Hair Stylist And CEO of Uptown Beauty Centre Portharcourt, Nigeria.

Look For Capital For Your Business

No matter how small you want to start you need to look for capital for this business. Even if you are not paying for rent yet, you need to get some tools and consumables. You also need to furnish your shop with chairs, mirrors, dryers, ans other equipment. Of course you can start your hair dressing business with little investment, but it pays more if you can get a good space with good furnishings and pimping.

Get A Salon Space And Equipment

1. Salon Space – Your salon space does not have to be big to be impressive. But make sure its in an accessible and commercialised place. You can get a small salon space and decorate it to make it beautiful. One thing you must consider is that women love beautiful things and colours. So if you can put some attractive things here and there with a touch of good colour blending, your customers will feel comfortable in your salon.

2. Dryer – Dryer is probably the most important tool you need to start your hair dressing business. The amount of dryers you need depends on how big or small your salon is. And one or two dryers is good if you’re starting small. As time goes on you can increase the number of dryers on your salon.

3. Power supply – Whether you are running a big or small outfit, if you do not make provision for power supply when you need it your business will simply crumble. You need power to operate the dryers, and other equipment in your salon.

4. Towels – You need to get enough towels to support your business. Your towels should be in different sizes and must be always neat and dry.

5. Nail accessories – To extend your money making opportunity, you need to offer nail treatment service also called manicure and pedicure service. Women not only care for their hair, they also care a lot about their nails. (both hands and feet).

5. Other Consumables- Include in your plan steady funds you will need to maintain a supply of useful consumables. These include Shampoo, relaxer, scissors, different colours of paint, creams, oils, nail polisher, different brushes, filers, different colours of cortex, etc.

6. Add A Little Comfort. Your customers desire some comfort. So fix some fans or air conditioners in your salon. Remember, dyers can be very discomforting. But with some cooling system in place, your customers will feel comfortable in your salon.

Keep Up With The Styling Trend

A very vital thing you must consider is to know which high style is in vogue.

Many customers are very particular about particular hair styles. They will come with different hair styles on their mobile phones and ask if you can do it for them. Some times these hair styles are not included in your menu. Turning them ‘we don’t do this here’ will turn them off and they will simply leave to other hair salons. So what we do is to become conversant and competent with varying hair styles. We even create our own hair styles and advertise it to our customers. Giving them this kind of service keeps them coming again and again, even referring our salon to others. Mrs Ebere.


You can start a hairdressing business in a big way or a small way. But make sure you know how to satisfy your customers with good hair delivery, varying hair styles, affordable price and fantastic customer service.

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