Apply for The Next Titan and Rake Away Millions for Your Business

The Next Titan is a Nigerian Entrepreneurial Reality TV Show that features talented young entrepreneurs who have all come to compete for a specified amount of money to support their businesses.

Every week, the contestants will work in two teams, each under the guidance of a project manager gotten by balloting, to compete in business-driven tasks around Lagos, Nigeria. Apart from working as teams, each of the contestants is expected to display his/her creativity on their personal business ideas in the Academy.

They would use their ideas and creativity, along with their business acumen, to win challenges. Contestants are subjected to long hours, gruelling deadlines, intellectual challenges, personality clashes and intense scrutiny under the careful watch of their supervisors and judges of the show.

The last person standing will win N5 million investment for his business with a brand new car and business supports. The other contestants will also go back home with prizes depending on the stages which they are evicted. Apart from these prizes, they will go home with new inspiration and ‘I can do attitude’ that can turn their dreams into reality.

After each task, contestants must account for their actions and be examined by the top judges. The viewers will be allowed to participate by expressing their views about the contestants. The contestants will have an opportunity of interaction with a select of top CEOs and successful entrepreneurs for advice and inspiration.

The Competition will bring the reality of the pains and gains of entrepreneurial journey into the living rooms of the millions of viewers.

The show has captured the minds of millions of Nigerians and so many sponsors as they all glue their eyes to the terrestrial and satellite television channels that air the show.

As people anticipate the season 3 this year, the website is open for registration as a participant. This may be your opportunity to fund your business and earn high-profile business acumen instantly!

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