Information Technology for Kids

Information Technology for Kids

Information technology for kids is a controversial issue mainly because of the strong influence that the computer and the internet can have on children. From computer software to the internet, children have learnt disturbing habits that are hardly easy to correct later in life. Should parents thus expose their children to information technology? If so, how much is too much?

Experts believe that information technology can drastically aid children’s learning process if properly checked. Computer games, computer software for kids, the internet are all great resources that can develop your child’s ability to learn fast and grow more intelligently. For instance, among the many types of computer software for kids are programmes with great educational content, programmes with creativity content, and just-for-fun programmes. all of these programmes are useful for children’s development.

Just-for-fun computer games for children do not technically have educational value for but may help to improve a child’s hand-eye coordination, as well as his basic computer skills, help the child to develop the ability to focus, and help the child to develop strategy and problem solving skills.

Software for kids intended for educational purposes teach a whole lot of things. For example, some types of program help children to review topics and school homework. Other types of program teach children foreign languages. There are yet other types of computer programs that are intended to improve children’s’ writing skills, develop children’s’ drawing and painting ability, teach math and science concepts, help children to learn their spelling words while yet having fun, and even help a child to learn computer programming. Some parents have used word processing software to improve their children’s computer skills by allowing them spell words by typing them. In the process, kids can experiment with different fonts and colors as they type words from the list. They can even make the words appear tiny or large.

Software for kids intended for creativity purposes encourage children to learn artwork, greeting cards, stickers, photo works, building designs, and website designing.

The internet is another very powerful learning tool for children. It can bring information at your child’s fingertips, help him handle his homework, improve his computer skills and provide entertainment.

As well-intentioned as information technology may be for your child, it has its own dark sides. Research shows that Children and teens are spending more time on the Internet than ever before, and more and more of them are becoming addicted to the cyber world. Furthermore, a large number of children tend to misuse the vital resources that information technology provides even without their parents knowledge. According to the Center for Media Research, 2009, about 41 percent of U.S. teens claim their parents have no idea what they are looking at online. A lot of children are excited and thrilled by violent computer video games that are capable of planting violent behaviors in growing children. Other teens and adolescents are attracted by inappropriate materials online such as immoral pictures, videos, and music which of course encourage them to experiment with sex and other societal vices. Is there anything parents can do to help their children maintain balance?

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