Where Should I Learn Information Technology Skills in Nigeria?

If you are interested in information technology skills, you may choose to earn your degree from a university in Nigeria, or a well-acclaimed training institute. Otherwise, if you have the fund you can travel abroad to earn your degree. Another option is that you can learn from the internet by running an online distance learning program.

The second option is more expensive to handle. Traveling abroad is by far more expensive than taking an online distance learning cost or learning in an accredited computer training institute. But why does the issue even arise as to whether or not to learn Information Technology in Nigeria?

There is a great debate about the quality of training that is served in Nigerian schools with regards to information technology. For instance, many students argue that Nigerian universities do not teach the practical aspect of information technology. All they teach is theory or book work. Some students even believe that their lecturers cannot write computer programmes. Hence, many people prefer to learn from other sources.

Apart from that, it is not so easy like walking into any Nigerian university and gaining admission just like that. To gain entry for IT courses into any Nigerian university, a student must have 5 credit passes in O-level examinations in addition to a good score in The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examinations. Does not computer training institute require something from you before you can gain entry for IT courses in their academy? Of course they do, but their requirements are not so stringent. By and large, you should know the basics of computer such as desktop publishing before beginning IT course. Else, you are subjected to the basics as found in their curriculum.

While computer training institutes are often recommended, more and more people are turning to the internet for a full information technology course, and you can get such courses for free! The only thing you would need is internet connectivity to download numerous video lessons. Then again, if you cannot self-learn but prefer receiving lessons from a physical teacher, it would be most practical to attend a recognized computer training institute where your preferred programme is taught.

All in all, students learning information technology whether in the university or on the roadside always look up to getting something out of their training-IT certification by professional bodies such as Microsoft, Adobe, EC-Council, etc. And the easiest way to get such certifications is by undergoing an IT course in a well-recognized computer training institute that is accredited by these professional bodies.

In the end, it is he who is certified that is most respected in the country.