Make Money Writing Projects For Nigeria Students

Many people in Nigeria especially students simply make money writing projects for Nigerian students. When in school, Elijah James made so much money doing this task:

It was not an easy task though, but I was encouraged by the hundreds of thousands of Naira I was receiving monthly. Hence, supporting myself in school was an easy feat.

As a project writer, you must be a good thinker, a good researcher, and a good writer. In fact, you must be intelligent. Yes, there are specialised software I used that made my work much more easier especially when analysing data. Yet, you must be committed yet smart enough not to let your own school work suffer. And if you can merge these clauses together, writing projects for Nigerian students is a very big business in the short and long run.

What Is The Need Writing Projects For Nigerian Students?

A lot of students find it very difficult to research. Its a big struggle to do so. Some are not just smart enough to put all those texts and figures together. Some students just do not have enough time to do so. This especially applies to many part-time students who work in full-time employments. This makes it nearly impossible for them to sit down and write their projects. Many other students whether in full-time or part-time are familied and they must cater for their own home while yet manage school runs. For such ones project writing is a burden. They actually need people that can help them out with their projects.

How To Start Writing Projects For Nigerian Students

Project writing is very lucrative business in Nigeria, and you can start your service with very little capital.  All You need is a computer- desktop or laptop, an internet connection, and a project writing software.

You can start writing projects for your colleagues right from your department. With time, through referrals you will gain more clients. Some students offer to write free research work for their fellow students. They do this just to learn the art of project writing. It may be beneficial to you if you also start this way. The bottom line is that you need to learn some skills and put some tools in place to start this business. These include:

  1. Good writing skill: Project writing involves a lot of writing. So you must be a good writer. Good command of English language will help you put down your thoughts, coherently, error-free, and logically.
  2. Analytical skill: You need to be a good analyser of data to succeed as a project writer. You will be presented with a lot of topics that require systematic data analysis. In addition to this, you must know how to analyze data collected from field work and questionnaires.
  3. Good Reading Skill: Research is about reading a lot. If reading bores you then this business in not for you.  You must love reading. And You must know how to comprehend what you read quickly. Time is of essence in this business. At times, You may need to extract information from other people’s work; if you do not know how to read well, your work will be filled with errors.
  4. Organizing Skill: You must be a good organiser to succeed a s a project writer. You will be creating numerous files organised in numerous folders in your computer. And each of the folders must be named in a way that makes searching for information is easy to find.

Marketing Your Project Writing Business

If project writing is a business you really want to do, then you should market your business. One good marketing method that is good for this kind of business is word of mouth marketing. If you have satisfied your clients, they will naturally tell their friends about you.

Another method of marketing that works for project writing is Project writing Seminars. You can organise seminars on project writing for students sometimes and offer to collect little money for you service.


You can make a lot of money writing project for Nigerian students. But you must decide that this is the business you really want to do. Then, prepare yourself by acquiring the required skills as explained above. In time you can decide to make your business a big one by establishing a research company that also writes business plan.

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