Make N50,000 Monthly From NNU Income Program

Do you like reading news or commenting on social media? If yes, you now have more reasons to do the things you love doing because NNU income program is here! So many persons have earned N25,000, N50,000, N80,000, N150,000 monthly just by participating in NNU and referring their friends to do the same.

You are reading this post because you want to know if the NNU Income Program is genuine right?  The simple answer is YES! NNU IS 100% GENUINE!

Here are a few things you need to know about the NNU Income Programme:

  • NNU is a media platform which means “Nigerian News Update”
  • Registration with NNU is free
  • NNU requires that you upgrade your account with N1,600 to enjoy various benefits
  • NNU income program is not a ponzi program, its real.
  • NNU does not work like MMM where members are paired to provide help.
  • You earn your registration fee many times over by completing some basic tasks.
  • Income generated on NNU are from advertising revenue.

But How Does NNU Income Program Work?

  1. NNU allows you to earn residual incomes by simply logging into your account on a daily basis. When you log in, you can read people’s comments and leave your own comments; you can read news, post in the forum on any topic of your choice, share specific sponsored posts on their social media. When you do all of these, NNU will share its monthly ad revenue with you as participation fee.
  2. NNU has an affiliate system called NAP (NNU Affiliate Program). It is this programme that will recognise you as an approved affiliate when you upgrade your account. Thereupon, you earn 62.5% commission on referral. In other words, if you introduce someone to NNU, you earn 62.5%, which is actually ₦1,000
  3. For everyday you log in you earn ₦50.
  4. If you know how to write articles well, for every article you submit, if approved you earn ₦100.
  5. For every sponsored posts you share on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc., you earn ₦100.

Having listed the above, it is time to give you more information about the platform, how NNU works and how you too can start making money from it.

So How Do You Get Your Money From NNU Income Programme?

NNU pays monthly- usually by the end of the month (27-31st of every month). So when your registration has been approved and you have upgraded your account, the next thing you should do is to provide your bank details.

A Word Of Caution…..

  1. You can not share posts on social media and then delete them. If you do so, you will lose your social earnings.
  2. You cannot withdraw money if your earnings for the month are less than ₦5,000.

How To Register With NNU Income Programme

Registering on is easy.

  1. Click This Link to register
  2. Fill in your details on the form provided
  3. If someone referred you, PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO ADD THE PERSON’S REFERRAL ID. (Please add mine- wireeroms)
  4. At the payment method section, choose Paystack if you want to pay online with your card without delays and with instant approval. However, you can get coupons from any of the coupon distributors, whose phone numbers you can find on the website.
  5. After registering and approval. update your information on your dashboard.


  • NNU = Nigerian News Update
  • NIP = NNU Income program
  • NARS = NNU Ad Revenue sharing
  • NAP = NNU Affiliate program
  • NIPers = NNU Income program members

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