Mini Importation Business In Nigeria: A Detailed Guide

This is a detailed guide on How to start mini importation business in Nigeria? These are the same instructions many people who are now making it big from importation business have applied. And not all of them started with big investment capital. With very little capital you can buy goods from overseas and sell here in Nigeria for profits. But just like every other business you need directions succeed. So what should you know about this business? How much money does it take to start? – Read on for answers.

What Do You Need To Start Mini Importation Business In Nigeria?

To start mini importation business in Nigeria You need the following tools:

  1. A computer or mobile phone with an active Internet subscription plan;
  2. An active email address;
  3. A real home or office address in Nigeria;
  4. Capital.

What Goods Should You Import into Nigeria?

To make a good decision in this area You need to do a lot of research. In the first place, if you bring in goods that people are not interested in you will end up wasting your hard earned investment. Goods that have succeeded overtime include fashion accessories, small electronic gadgets, watches, etc. Other capital intensive successful goods include artificial and natural hair for Nigerian women, Solar and Power Inverters, mobile phones and tablets, laptop computers, etc.  These goods always sell in Nigeria.

When researching the market I discovered that fashion accessories, small electronic gadgets, watches, artificial and natural hair have saturated the market, So I experimented with household goods. My story today is very good- I sell faster than I thought. I make turnover nearly every week. To say the least, I make a lot of money from these goods. And I am very happy I discovered them. – Mrs Njoku.

Another thing you must be weary about are prohibited goods. Do not import prohibited goods if you do not want to have problems with the Nigerian Custom Service.

Where Can You Buy Goods From?

Register with notable online shops from China and make your orders. Leverage on the free shipping that many stores offer. You can buy goods from on Alibaba, Global sources, or Made-In-China if you have up to N200,000 to start your business. If not, then you can start small by ordering goods from Dhgate, Aliexpress, and iPmart.

After registering on any of the above platforms, you need to pay for the goods using your debit card or by making a bank transfer. As a newbie you may be jittery about making payment online. You don’t need to be because recognised online stores cannot take your money without sending you your goods.

Shipping Policy

Many goods on Aliexpress and DHgate are delivered to Nigeria for free through China Mail Air Post or Hong Kong Mail. But free shipped goods take longer time to arrive Nigeria, usually 15 to 60 days depending on the goods and your location. But if you want quick delivery, then opt for DHL, EMS, and FedEx mail services. Make sure you include your mobile number when filling out the shipping area of the form. The carrier company will usually call you when the goods are delivered to the destination.

Other Shopping Considerations

It is possible that you order a product and the supplier sends it in bad condition, or in less quantity. This can cause a lot of stress for you. You may return the goods, but the cost of transporting the goods will be born by you. Besides, many suppliers will not agree to a refund your money. To avoid this problem be careful when choosing a supplier. Do not choose a supplier because the product offered is cheaper than all other offers. Another important you need to look out for is the buyers ratings, sellers feedback and refund policies. Sellers that score above 90 percents or higher positive ratings are most probably reliable.

Before paying for your goods, make sure you read the descriptions and details of goods.

Selling Your Imported Goods

If you already run a goods store in a good location in Nigeria, selling will not be much of your problem. But if you don’t have a shop, you can still sell your goods using other creative methods.

I do not have a shop where I stock my goods. I operate from home. Before my goods arrive, I speak to owners of local shops that sell the kind of my products about my goods. And they make their orders. Most times, I begin delivering right from my point of pickup. For other products that I did not get shop owners, I tell friends and family who resell for me. That way, I don’t stock my goods at home.

I also use social media especially WhatApp, and it has been wonderful. But to succeed this way, I make sure I send very interesting videos and descriptive pictures about the products. With good description and persuasions, I receive a lot of calls from them. Mrs. Njokwu.


You don’t need a lot of money to start a mini importation business in Nigeria. Start small but go for products that are hot selling and you will succeed. Also, be careful about the shop you are buying from and the policies that guide each product. With good marketing effort, you will become a millionaire just by starting from small bits.


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