Who is a Music Composer?

A Music Composer is One who writes and transcribes musical scores.

Depending on his job function he may be called: Music Arranger, Music Producer, Film Composer, Songwriter, Composer, Creative Director, Jingle Writer

This Occupation May Require: Diploma; Degree; Professional Certification, Training

Tasks, Duties, Responsibilities

  • Applies elements of music theory to create musical and tonal structures, including harmonies and melodies.
  • Uses computers and synthesizers to compose, orchestrate, and arrange music.
  • Determines voices, instruments, harmonic structures, rhythms, tempos, and tone balances required to achieve the effects desired in a musical composition.
  • Experiments with different sounds, and types and pieces of music, using synthesizers and computers as necessary to test and evaluate ideas.
  • Writes changes directly into compositions, or use computer software to make changes.
  • Transcribes ideas for musical compositions into musical notation, using instruments, pen and paper, or computers.
  • Guides musicians during rehearsals, performances, or recording sessions.
  • Scores compositions so that they are consistent with instrumental and vocal capabilities such as ranges and keys, using knowledge of music theory.
  • Writes musical scores for orchestras, bands, choral groups, or individual instrumentalists or vocalists, using knowledge of music theory and of instrumental and vocal capabilities.
  • Confers with producers and directors to define the nature and placement of film or television music.

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