A Musician is One who sings with his voice or  plays one or more musical instruments in recital, in accompaniment, or as member of an orchestra, band, or other musical group.

Depending on his job function he may be called: Musician, Violinist, Horn Player, Oboist, Orchestra Musician, Percussionist, Violist, Cellist, Clarinetist, English Horn Player

This Occupation May Require: SSCE or less; Diploma; Degree; Master’s Degree; Professional Certification, Training

Tasks, Duties, Responsibilities

  • Practices singing aloud with voice; trains voice
  • Practices musical instrument performances, individually or in rehearsal with other musicians, to master individual pieces of music and to maintain and improve skills.
  • Performs before live audiences.
  • Specializes in playing a specific family of instruments and/or a particular type of music.
  • Plays musical instruments as soloists, or as member or guest artist of musical groups such as orchestra, ensemble, or band.
  • Plays from memory or by following scores.
  • Sight-reads musical parts during rehearsals.
  • Auditions for orchestras, bands, or other musical groups.
  • Provides the musical background for live shows such as ballets, operas, musical theatre, and cabarets.
  • Transposes music to alternate keys, or to fit individual styles or purposes.
  • Promotes his own or his group’s music by participating in media interviews and other activities.

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