N-Power Tech Hardware-To Empower 10,000 Computer Device Technicians into the ICT Industry.

What is N-Power Tech Hardware?

The N-Power Tech Hardware program is an initiative by the federal government of Nigeria to train and facilitate tooling for at least 10,000 technicians to boost the device servicing and manufacturing industry. The output of this program will serve as a critical catalyst for the expansion of local capacity to service and produce mobile phones, tablets, computers and other relevant devices to serve the local and international market. Participants will undergo a hands-on training experience wherein they will be exposed to practical processes and tools to assemble and repair devices of varying specifications. At the end often program, participants will be armed with the requisite technical skills to service devices in there local communities as well as work in a device assembly plant. The program will take 3 months of training and 1 month of assessment , graduation and setup. Participants will be advised on opportunities to acquire tools to practise.

Core Employability Skills Competencies/Learning Strategies
  • Writing and presenting written and verbal reports
  • Role Plays
  • Demonstrations
  • Working in groups
  • Team or group projects
  • Learning sets
  • Group discussion
  • Syndicates
  • Communities of practice
  • Case studies
  • Simulations
  • Investigative projects and research
  • Using various problem solving tools and techniques
  • Developing or designing models
  • Problem solving in teams and networks
  • Decision making activities
  • Brainstorming activities
  • Designing innovative and creative practices and solutions
  • Initiating change/design change processes
  • Simulation activities
  • Research and data collection
  • Developing action plans
  • Planning and organizing events
  • Time management activities
  • Goal setting activities and scheduling tasks
  • Collecting and analyzing information
  • Development of portfolios
  • Work plans
  • Using log books to record time management skills and monitor own performance
  • Career planning exercises
  • Reflective journals log books, diaries
  • Mentoring and coaching activities
  • Self-evaluation tools
  • Using the Internet, Intranets
  • Using ICT skills to complete activities
  • Industry relevant software, technology and equipment


Technical Skills Competencies/Learning Strategies
  1. Mobile phone history, system types and features, basic circuit
  2. The features of OS, Android, IOS and Symbian OS.
  3. Mobile phone repairing tools introduction
  4. Electronic parts knowledge, fault judgment and replacement
  5. Basic knowledge of circuit: The voltage, current, resistance, frequency, wave
  6. The common feature phone function and structure diagram and block diagram.
  7. The common smart phone function and structure diagram and block diagram.
  8.  Analysis of unit circuit and the common faults of smart phone
  9. Introduction to unit circuit and the common failure analysis on feature phone
  10. Smart phone fault types and diagnosis.
  11. The feature phone fault types and rapid diagnosis.
  12. Smart phone system software troubleshooting
  13. Feature phone system software troubleshooting.
  1. History of PC Development
  2. Kinds of computer operating Systems: Windows,Linux .
  3. Assembly, disassembly and maintenance of Desktop, notebook, and precautions .
  4. Introduction to common tools to computer repair .
  5. The major components of computer knowledge and judgment and replacement technique .
  6. The average desktop block diagram
  7. The average notebook block diagram
  8. Time order on a desktop.
  9. Introduction and common breakdown analysis of desktop unit circuit (start from circuit, explain the related breakdown of the circuit)
  10. Time order for a notebook.
  11. Introduction and common breakdown analysis of notebook unit circuit (start from circuit, explain the related breakdown of the circuit)
  12. BIOS update, setting, programmer brush-write
  13. Hardware-non- detect and repair methods of PCB breakdown (water penetration and lightning strike)
  14. Fault types and diagnosis of desktop (start from breakdown, analyze related circuit quickly)
  15.  Breakdown and repair of Computer systems application .

Who is Eligible for The N-Power Tech Hardware


  • Unemployed graduates or non graduates
  •  Must be between 18-35 years old
  • Problem solving skills
  • Ability to undertake self-tutorship

Start Date: 1st of August, 2016

Duration: 3 Months


  • Industry Grade Certification
  • National Skills Qualification

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