Nigeria Recognized in The 2016 Microsoft Showcase School program with 41 Other African Countries

Forty-two schools in African (from Egypt, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Seychelles, South Africa, Tunisia, Uganda and Zambia were named Microsoft Showcase Schools. Warren H.A La Fleur, Regional Manager, Education Industry for West, East, Central Africa and Indian Ocean Islands) were nominated by Microsoft in collaboration with key stakeholders including education experts. These schools have been identified in the 2016 Microsoft Showcase School program as experts that will subsequently take on the role of technology experts and advisors in the education reform of their countries. They will be tasked with finding new approaches to complement infrastructure and ICT deployments using Microsoft solutions. The program is designed to produce experts in personalised learning, amplified by 1:1 deployments that effectively use Microsoft solutions (e.g. Surface, Office 365 Education, Office Mix, OneNote, Skype) to enable anywhere, anytime education for all students.

Amongst the forty students that were invited in Nigeria, 20 actually made the attendance at the University of Port-Harcourt, Nigeria. One of the attendees disclosed that she thoroughly enjoyed the program and is proud to be identified as Microsoft ‘Ambassador’.

Microsoft initiated this program to highlight innovative leadership and teaching across globally recognised schools. Showcase School leadership teams make up a professional community that recognises and amplifies the use of technology to drive transformation and efficiency in education. They have a passion for modernising schools and ensuring students use technology that helps them prepare for their future. In addition to the Microsoft Showcase Schools, The Microsoft Associate Showcase Schools programme is a whole-school approach to transformation. These schools have demonstrated innovative teaching and learning, and are shaping plans for improvement.

Microsoft plans to continue partnering with like-minded partners, organisations and education stakeholders to identify more schools and double the number of Showcase Schools every year. Microsoft is also pleased with the high intake of African schools in the 2016 Microsoft Showcase program. Here are the words of La Fleur:

The Middle East and Africa (MEA) region this year boasts the second highest intake, following Western/Central and Eastern Europe.

This despite all the challenges we face on the continent,

“At Microsoft we are committed to ensuring youth have the skills and access to technology they need to get the best education possible. Technology alone can’t transform education, but it is an accelerator when embraced by educators who see its value.

It is our goal that in five years’ time every African country with a national technology deployment will have a core ‘army’ of 21st century-ready schools, which will model new competencies and accompany other schools in their journey to transformation. Our current 42 Showcase Schools are evidence that this goal can be achieved.,

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