Okra Farming In Nigeria: Detailed Business Guide

Okra is a very useful vegetable used to prepare one of the most consumed meals in Nigeria.  One reason why a lot of people in Nigeria love soups made from okra is because okra is not expensive to prepare. Another reason is that okra is packed filled with nutritional content such as vitamins A, B, C, K, calcium, ion, and zinc. With these diverse nutritional benefits from one simple plant, okra farming is definitely not a bad idea. If you have ever thought of making a living from okra farming in Nigeria, this detailed guide will give you the success you seek.

Okra farming in Nigeria is not difficult to start. With little capital you can start your okra farm and you will make it from your yield because the demand for okra is high. With some commitment and hard work like every other business requires, you can make a lot of money from okra farming.

“most bloggers just blog about okra farming without telling you the real things involved. The truth is that money from okra farming does not just come like that unless you know the deep secrets of okra farming and implementing them on your farm.” Mr Ejike- Okra Farmer in Portharcourt Nigeria.

Commenting on what is need to reap bountiful harvest from okra farming in Nigeria one okra farmer in Nasarawa State, Mrs. Esther Audu, told Daily trust Newspaper:

After getting a good location, the next thing is to go for improved okra seeds. The variety I plant, matures in 40 days. I plant twice in the rainy season and once in the dry season.

The best thing to do is to plant on ridges because it makes the soil more available to the plants, but okra also performs very well if planted on flat soil. I plant on tilled flat soil and I am getting good yield,

Mere looking at this soil you know is rich, so I don’t apply fertilizer, not even manure, but the crops are flourishing. But if you must apply fertilizer, apply the right type at the required dosage, and at the right time as well,”


So What Do You Need To Start Okra Farming Business in Nigeria

1. A Fertile Land

2. A Good Location

3, Timing

4. Good Crop Management Practice


Okra farming is a good business idea in Nigeria. It’s not expensive to start and you can make a lot of money from it. There is also a huge market waiting for your yield. So why wait when you can start making money from right now?

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