5 Online Businesses Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire

Starting an online business is a very smart move. When your business is based online, you can reach more potential customers, work from virtually anywhere and make money online without too much expenses. NSBA research shows that around 30 million Americans operate an home-based business, many of them pursuing an online business model of one type or another.

The biggest mental hurdle many people face is figuring out the best online businesses to start. Perhaps you’ve heard about affiliate marketing, Forex Trading, etc. Today I’ll share with you  five Online Businesses Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire.

1. Open a Property Lisitng Website

We all know that “Real Estate and Property” are a lucrative business with lots of possibilities. All over the world there is need for property and land for various purposes. In big cities, people seek properties either for rent or for buying. To many it is an investment. There is high demand for villas, flats and apartments. Businesses usually seek properties for their office needs, building work places or as warehouses for their stock keeping requirements. In most cases they seek buildings suitable to open physical stores in cities. In villages, large plots or lands are usually traded for large scale agriculture purpose, business purpose and similar ventures.

Before now, buying or renting of a property happened through real estate brokers and agents. But with the Internet  the scenario has changed. Now a major share of property and real estate transactions take place through websites that specialise in property listing. Most of these websites target a specific state, country or cities. As the owner of the website, you can list properties yourself or open it to agents to promote properties.

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2. Open a Car Blog

If you are a car lover and you are familiar with car specs and brands, you can put your knowledge to good use by running a car blog. People regularly seek advice about car to buy or even car problems they’re having. As a car blogger, you can direct them around these subjects and give thme instructions on how to diagnose and fix various car problems. You can partner with businessES that sell the tools and parts people need for their cars. Or, you can have these car business dealers advertise on your blog for a fee.  This is also a good place to put affiliate links to sites that sell the tools and parts, so you get a commission from any sales. An excellent opportunity is assembling everything people need in a kit and selling the all-in-one kit. Just be clear about how someone can buy the item from you, ideally via a shopping cart process on your blog.

Another way to make money from your car blog is through reviews. You can write reviews about car brands and specs and affiliate yoursef with car dealers to sell these cars. Or, you can do a directory of car tools. Who are the best mechanics in your area for Japanese cars? Which oils are best (and worst) for the type of car you blog about? Which tools would work best for someone maintaining a vehicle like yours and theirs? Which carburetor cleaners and windshield wipers do the best job? You can put links to the tools and other products you recommend on your website, again using the affiliate model unless you sell them yourself.

You could offer to do reviews for suppliers in exchange for free samples. However, if you do a review for the product or service in exchange for money, you’re legally obligated to tell your readers this.

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3. Open an Online Shopping Website

Online shopping or eCommerce websites have exploded in popularity in recent years.

Whether you prefer dealing with physical products or selling something tangible, opening up an eCommerce store could be a great fit.

There are two different methods of running a successful online store:

  1. Creating and selling a niche physical product to a dedicated group of buyers
  2. Purchasing cheaper goods manufactured in foreign countries, repackaging them, and selling them at a markup.

The first approach can be very successful, but it does require a lot of passion for the product and the willingness to do a ton of research, product development, and testing.

However, such success of stores like SkinnyMe TeaBeardbrand, and Ratio Coffee show that you can reach the incredible results with your eCommerce store.

If the first approach seems a little risky for your first online business, then you might consider the second option of reselling popular overseas products. This method involves sourcing a popular product from a platform like 1688.com, AliExpress, repacking the product, and selling it through your own storefront.

Beyond selling the right products you’ll also need to think about how you’re going to ship your products. You can personally handle shipping and order fulfilment yourself. Or, you can employ a popular method called drop shipping, where the manufacturer handles it for you.

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4. Open a Drop shipping Business

Dropshipping is a type of business model which enables you to operate without maintaining inventory, owning a warehouse to store your products, or even having to ship products to your customers yourselve. You as the retailer partners with a dropship supplier that manufactures and/or warehouses products, packages the products, and ships them directly to the retailer’s customer, on your behalf.

In simpler terms, this is how dropshipping works:

  • The customer places an order for a product on your online store.
  • You automatically or manually forward the order and customer details to the dropship supplier.
  • The dropship supplier packages and ships the order directly to the customer in the your name.

This kind of business model is extremely attractive as it eliminates the need for you the store owner to have a physical business location such as an office space or warehouse—instead, all you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

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5. Open a Food Recipe Blog

When the International Food Blogger Conference began as the world’s first food blogging conference in 2009, it was an eye-opener that food is something most people do not play with. The conference spurred food bloggers up to invest their time and money researching, testing, writing and posting about food and food-related topics. They communicate their views to consumers, who themselves are increasingly passionate about what they eat. Today, food bloggers are making millions in their bank account from blogging.

Many people are looking for food recipies both African and intercontinental dishes. They need to be guided by passionate food bloggers. I know a food blogger that not ony makes a lot of money from his food blog, but makes even more money from food recipe e-books he has compiled.

When you open a food recipe blog you Provide an online platform for showcasing your passion, you Challenge your baking or cooking skills.you meet a community of like-minded individuals.you provide yourself with a creative outlet. you share that recipe everyone always asks you for, you earn a sense of accomplishment, you learn valuable lessons about website construction and social media, you potentially open doors and career opportunities!, its a lot of fun.

Here is my compilation of five practical online businesses that can make you a millionaire. For further guide and discussions:

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