Poultry Farming Business In Nigeria: A Step By Step Guide

Poultry Farming Business is one of the most lucrative agriculture businesses you can do in Nigeria. Everyday, hundreds of thousands of poultry products are consumed by Nigerians in thousands of homes, eateries’, and restaurants, and this trend will not stop. Did you know that the amount of poultry products produced in the county is not enough to satisfy the consumers who desire these products here in Nigeria? Hence, a large amount of poultry products are imported from other countries. The market is very large and I am sure you are already seeing the opportunities?

To be sure about this business, let us buttress the reasons you should consider Poultry Farming Business In Nigeria:

  • Poultry Farming is a Source of Food
    Everyone must feed to stay alive, and poultry products are one of the most desired foods by Nigerians. Millions of eggs, chickens, turkeys, are consumed everyday single day.
  • Poultry Animals Grow Very Fast:
    It only takes 28 weeks for an average chicken to be fully grown and ready to be sold. And it only takes 21 days or much less a layers to produce eggs. Besides, Poultry animals in general reproduce rapidly.
  • Poultry Animals Produce A Lot Of Eggs:
    In addition to poultry animals, eggs are a great source of income for poultry farmers. And these eggs are not too hard to get because an average layer lays one egg every two days. A farm with 500 layers is expected to produce at least 400 eggs each and every day. 400 eggs make 16 plus crates of eggs. And if you live in Port Harcourt, you can sell 1 crate of egg for N900. 16 crates x N900 = N15,000. So you can make N15,000 daily supplying eggs apart from the money you make selling the actual birds.
  • Poultry Products Have Attractive Prices:
    Last December, my brother in-law sold each of his chickens for N4,000 in Port Harcourt city. Imagine selling many such birds a day!

How to Start a Poultry Farming Business In Nigeria?

By now you must be wondering how to start a poultry farming business. before you start this business, there are four important things you should consider:

1. Your Poultry Farming Niche:
Poultry farming business has many areas of interest. Poultry farming is not only about chicken alone; you have Turkey, Guinea Fowls, Quails, Peacocks, Ducks, Geese, and more birds. Even chicken rearing has two main areas:
 Layers. These are eggs-laying chickens, hence you can go into egg production.
 Broilers, these are bred mainly for meat production.

So you must decide which one of these areas you want to specialize in. This is important so you can streamline your technical knowledge required farm more profitably. It is only when you have identified your niche that it is advisable for you to start your farm.

2. Your Business Location:
Where you site your poultry farm is very crucial to your business. citing your farm in a remote area is far cheaper than in the city. Although I know a very big poultry farm cited in Wuse 2 (the very heart of Abuja), but the area is kept off from public view and interaction. This is important because of the health implications that would accrue from citing your poultry farm in the city, around city dwellers. Be that as it may, where you cite your farm should not be too far away from the city area for ease of transportation and nearness to the market which is usually in the city.

3. Capital Investment:
Investment is the soul of every business and poultry farming is not excluded. You need money to build your poultry, to buy birds, to buy feeds until they grow to maturity; you need money for the security and the good health of the birds. If you lack money along the line and you do not provide what the birds need, the birds will most like die off from disease, hunger, and from predators and you will lose all your initial investment. So ensure that you have enough capital to carry you through your business. How much you should budget depends on the location and the size of your poultry farm.

4. Poultry Structure and Maintenance
The way you build and maintain your poultry farm will determine if your birds will ever see the days of maturity. Poultry maintenance involves regularly caring for the poultry;s facilities and equipment such as egg trays, feeders, drinkers, lighting systems, nests, crates, incubators, heaters, waste disposal systems, and a lot more. If the facilities are thorough, adequate, and of top quality, your farm will most likely succeed.

Poultry maintenance also involves understanding poultry structure. Consider 3 ways that your birds can be grown:
a). Free Roam: Under this structure, you allow little chicks to roam about and feed themselves. Of course, this system is suitable for smaller poultries and not for large scale rearing where birds can go missing.
b). Battery Cage: Under this system, you enclose the birds in a cage and feed them regularly. You must check them regularly to detect disease and other vulnerabilities.
c). Deep Litter: To make the birds comfortable, you carpet the ground with sawdust.

5. Poultry Feeds: The most important thing to consider is the bird feeds because this directly affects their survival. Without food, none of them will survive. Hence, more that 60% of your investment will go into feeding the birds. If you run a very large poultry farm, manufacturing poultry feeds yourself will save you a lot of money as compared to buying feed. On the contrary, if your poultry farm is small, buying feeds is most profitable because it takes a lot of money to setup a feed manufacturing plant.


It is not easy to run any business. However, with adequate knowledge and understanding of Poultry Farming Business In Nigeria, you can succeed in the business. Many poultry farmers are succeeding and you too can in this highly profitable business.

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