Practical Poultry Farming Training



FJ Rorykerne Practical Poulty Farming Training will empower you with knowledge that will enable you make profits and not losses in Poultry farming business.  We will walk you through the general knowledge of poultry farming. We open your eyes to all the things you need to know and steps to take before you start your own poultry farm. You will also learn how to invest in your poultry farm with realistic expectations of profits here in Nigeria and the different types/methods of poultry farming.

This course includes Mentorship. It will last for the duration you rear your first batch of the birds. We will practically work with you from the building of the bird housing, to the the harvesting of your first batch of birds.

Who is This Poultry Farming Training For?

The course is designed for both young and old; expert or amateur; and small scale and large scale farmers. It is a must-attend for anyone interested in increasing their earnings at an exponential rate..

FJ Rorykerne Poultry Farming Training is for you:

  1. If you desire to make your own money from poultry farming?
  2. If you love to know about the poultry business before venturing into it?
  3. If you like to discover new knowledge about poultry farming?

FJ Poultry Farming Course Content

  • Building and securing Birds cage 
  • Production of Table-sided birds
  • Managing poultry risks and compilations.
  • Successfully raring birds
  • Bird health, medications, and general care
  • Practical  work through and Mentorship on poultry Farming

What You Will Gain After The Course

  • You will become skilled in poultry farming.
  • You will be confident to start your poultry farming business by acquiring the requisite skills to make the business grow and be profitable.