WhatsApp Marketing Complete Bundle


This course contains my top resources for aspiring fashion bloggers. The course is perfect for you if you want to start a fashion blog or write fashion blogs as a freelance writer for clients and employers.



WhatsApp has grown to become the number one closing platform for online sales because of the amazing tools and its organic reach strength.

I have put together in this course proven strategies I used in closing over 850,000 (Naira) within my first 3 days of using this amazing tool called WhatsApp.

I will be taking You through 7 modules with practical approach on how you can leverage on WhatsApp, not only to sell your products once, but to always sell over and over to the same sets of people.

This Is One Final Tool You Need…Let Me Show You The Secrets..

  • Module1: Social Media Concept And Algorithm Change
  • Module2: Some key Statistics About WhatsApp
  • Module3: Building Your WhatsApp Contacts.
  • Module 4: How To Engage Your Contacts. Pt 1 (The Status Hack)
  • Module 5: How To Engage Your Contacts.pt 2 (The Broadcast Hack)
  • Module 6: Use Testimonials.