Who is a Reservations Agent?

A Reservations Agent is One who makes and confirms reservations for transportation or lodging, or sells transportation tickets.

Sample of reported job titles: Travel Clark, Customer Service Agent, Customer Service Representative (CSR), Reservationist, Station Agent, Tour Sales Representative, Airline Ticket Agent

This Occupation May Require: SSCE; Diploma; Degree

Tasks, Duties, Responsibilities

  • Plans routes, itineraries, and accommodation details, and computes fares and fees, using schedules, rate books, and computers.
  • Makes and confirms reservations for transportation and accommodations, using telephones, faxes, mail, and computers.
  • Prepares customer invoices and accepts payment.
  • Answers inquiries regarding information such as schedules, accommodations, procedures, and policies.
  • Assembles and issues required documentation, such as tickets, travel insurance policies, and itineraries.
  • Determines whether space is available on travel dates requested by customers, assigning requested spaces when available.
  • Informs clients of essential travel information, such as travel times, transportation connections, and medical and visa requirements.
  • Maintains computerized inventories of available passenger space and provide information on space reserved or available.
  • Confers with customers to determine their service requirements and travel preferences.
  • Examines passenger documentation to determine destinations and to assign boarding passes.

Tools: Airline ticket or boarding pass ATB printer, Electronic funds transfer point of sale equipment, Computer, Premise branch exchange PBX system, Ticket dispensing machine

Technology: Data base user interface and query software, Electronic mail software, Point of sale POS software, Spreadsheet software, Word processing software

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