What Are Self-Management Skills?

What Are Self-Management Skills?

Self-management skills are personal traits or attitudes that you possess as a person. They are soft skills you have developed from child-hood. These skills tell the employer whether or not your personality fits the personality of the company, the bosses, and the co-workers. Employers do not only require the job know-how from you, they want to include in their team workers with good self-management skills.

Examples of self-management skills include being:

Being Considerate, Being Helpful

Being Courageous, Being Bold, Being Daring, Being Determined, Being Aggressive, Being Ambitious, Being Confident

Being Democratic, Being Diplomatic,

Being Discreet, Being Wise, Being Academic, Being Clear-thinking, Being Clever, Being Adventurous, Being Cautious, Being Careful, Being Conscientious, Being Conservative

Being Cheerful, Being Friendly, Being Emotional, Being Humorous,

Being Leisurely, Being Easygoing, Being Sociable, Being Outgoing

Being Dependable, Being Loyal, Being Honest, Being Sincere, Being Trustworthy, Being Reliable, Being Cooperative, Being Punctual,

Being Adaptability

Being Accurate, Being Competent, Being Uninhibited, Being Zany, Being Witty

Being Enthusiastic, Being Eager, Being Energetic, Being strong, Being Healthy

Being Enterprising, Being Industrious, Being Businesslike, Being Active,

Being Flexible, Being Fair-minded

Being Cool, Being Gentle, Being Good-natured, Being kind, Being lighthearted, Being Mild, Being Likable, Being Dignified, Being Mature, Being Natural, Being Tolerant, Being Charming, Being Generous, Being Affectionate, Being Attractive, Being Calm, Being Warm, Being Poised, Being Obliging, Being Wholesome, Being Polite, Being Patience

Being Formal, Being Forceful, Being Dominant, Being Resistant, Being Competitive, Being Deliberate, Being Assertive, Being Verbal

Being Intellectual, Being intelligent, Being ingenious, Being Idealistic, Being imaginative, Being inventive, Being Creative, Being Progressive, Being Artistic, Being Resourceful

Being Methodical, Being Productive, Being resourceful, Being Efficient, Being Farsighted, Being Meticulous, Being Open-minded, Being Rational, Being Logical, Being Curious, Being Sympathetic, Being Tactful, Being Versatile, Being Teachable, Being Broad-minded, Being Alert

Being Modest, Being Moderate

Being Sensitive, Being Thorough,

Being Self-confident, Being Results-oriented, Being Independent

Being Sharp-witted, Being Unaffected, Being Unexcitable, Being tough, Being Frank, Being tenacious, Being serious

Being Thoughtful, Being Understanding, Being sensible, Being Unassuming, Being Trusting, Being Informal

Do you see yourself in any of the following group(s)?

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