Just as there are many roads in a city, there are so many paths to be followed in the world of career. For instance, you may have dreamed of becoming an accountant in the future. If so, you are not alone. Millions of people today are having such dreams. But most people who dream about occupations like accounting have very shallow knowledge of what is involved in their dream occupation. Their case can be illustrated with a conversation that ensued in a classroom between a teacher and his students.

Teacher:   “Tana (an aspiring student) what would you like to be in the future?”

Tana:          “I would like to become a Fashion Designer.”

Bola, Sharon, Nina Tana’s Seat Neighbors burst into silent but obvious Laughter

Teacher:    “Why do you want to become a fashion Designer?”

Tana:           “I am very good at drawing and I help my mom in drawing sketches; this has become an exciting hobby for me. Whenever she sews my sketches into clothes, I feel she is making my dreams come alive. And whenever her customers wear the clothes she has sewn from my drawings, I vividly see my dreams living, and the sight is very encouraging and satisfying. Besides, my mom cares adequately for us from her fashion business; she works whenever she feels like and sleeps whenever she feels like.”

Teacher:     “what a visionary choice Tana. Sharon, what do you want to be in the future?”

Sharon:      (with all confidence) “I want to be an Accountant.”

Teacher:    “Why do you want to become an Accountant?”

Sharon:       “Accountants are corporate people who deal with lots of money. They are highly respected, and they have a very good chance of working in good places like the bank. I know this because my father is an accountant and a banker, and he is wealthy. I want to be a corporate, successful lady just like my father .“

Teacher:       “You may have to rediscover yourself and your dream Sharon.”

Between Tana and Sharon who do you think has got a dream?

Of course it is not a bad thing to aspire to work in a good place like the bank anymore than it is wisdom to choose ones career, but considering the fact that Sharon demonstrated that she has very shallow knowledge of what is really involved in being an accountant, wouldn’t you agree that Sharon’s vision is generally myopic. It is true that Sharon and Tana want to trail their parents’ career choices, but did you observe that Tana has a very good reason for doing that; she has early in life identified a special talent in her that may make her excel even more than her mom if she pursues her mom’s occupation of fashion designing. On the other hand, would you not agree that Sharon has not yet discovered herself? She just wants to pursue her parent’s career because of the perceived success she has about the occupation. If Sharon pursues accounting, do you think she will make a good accountant? What about you? What do you want to become in the future?

To answer that question, you do not need to admire someone who is making money because of what he has read in school, or because of the business that he has developed; first you need to discover yourself.

Ask yourself:

  • what is one special thing that I can do that people admire or praise me for?
  • Is there an occupation that carries this special ability in me?
  • What information do I have about this occupation?
  • Do I need to go to the university to learn this occupation, or should I go to a technical school?
  • Is there someone in my area who is into this occupation?
  • What are his duties and responsibilities?
  • What tools and technology does he use to accomplish his duties?
  • Is there a Center where I can take some after school or holiday coaching of this occupation, or is there a book I can read about it?

Answering the above question as honesty as you can will give you the guide you need in choosing your own unique career path.