Complete Fashion Design Curriculum For Fashion Schools and Individuals Who Wish To Learn Fashion Design

Fashion design Curriculum is generally wide. It involves the art of fashion from the ground up. It also involves technical design skills, sewing and basic fashion theories. In many countries, there are university degree courses dedicated to Fashion Designing which generally last for four years. Such extensive course include fashion drawing, 3-D design, color theory, textiles, computer-aided design, fashion business and portfolio presentation.

But in Nigeria, there is hardly a degree course in fashion design. Even if there is, it would not be a good idea to pursue such a programme since what you will learn is merely head knowledge. However, there are a number of good fashion design schools that can take you through fashion designing. These schools can teach you pattern drafting and sewing skills, make-up artistry, fashion marketing & merchandizing, fashion Illustration, accessory making, textile design, crystal application training, and more.

To get the length and breadth of fashion design, register with a good fashion school near you. Take a look at their course work and see if it includes the skills listed above. A typical fashion school in Nigeria tailors its fashion course towards starters in the fashion industry as well as advanced fashion design students. Take a look at a typical fashion design curriculum:

Introduction to Fashion

  • Evolution of fashion
  • History of arts and costumes
  • Drawing techniques
  • Study of measurements
  • Colour theory
  • The Materials of fashion
  • Tailor sewing technique
  • Industrial sewing technique
  • Garment construction
  • Project work

Advanced fashion Programme

  • Fashion Styling
  • Graphics design
  • Product design
  • The Business of fashion
  • Fashion branding
  • Fashion entrepreneurship
  • Fashion accessories
  • Pattern making Haute Couture
  • Pattern Making Techniques
  • Fashion Computer Aided Design

It is important to note that a good fashion institute will not only teach you the courses listed above. It will open your eyes to the fashion business world. To illustrate a good fashion school:

  • Will teach you in a very conducive environment of learning.
  • Will award you an internationally recognized Diploma.
  • Will guide you through learning at your own pace for proper understanding of the course.
  • May link you to both international and local firms where you can partner, supply design products or work with companies after your training.
  • May help you show case your collection in international fashion shows.
  • May give you a well experienced fashion consultant in the fashion industry that will put you through any kind of challenges and updated you with the current trends in the fashion industry.

So do not just attend any fashion school advertised to you. Take time to consult with them to know what you will come out with after the training. Remember, what you learn in the fashion world determines what kind of fashion designer you will become.

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