How to Start Affiliate Marketing Online Business

Affiliate marketing is a form of advertising program done on the internet. This program rewards the affiliate or publisher for driving traffic to an online page that contains a product or service owned by an advertiser.  Affiliate marketers serve as middleman between their sponsors- the merchant whose product they are promoting and their website visitors.

What Products to Promote in Affiliate Marketing

When choosing a product to promote, two principles should guide you:

  1. Promote a product that you yourself enjoy, a product that if someone introduced it to you, you would easily buy it. Chances are that if you enjoy it, others would too.
  2. Promote a product that is trending- one that is most wanted at the time. You can pick a product that serves a small audience- this is called a Niche. This means that you must know what people want at any given time. For example, how do you think people the world over would respond if you introduced them to a particular type of entertainment, job recruitment, retirement package, investment package, a new and exciting game, useful and problem solving information, an effective healthcare product, home improvement? If you think that their responses would be positive then you have likely chosen a good product to promote. You can easily know what people want, or the most demanded for product if you visit and sign up with a site like, and

How to Promote Products in Affiliate Marketing

Determining the right product to promote is not the problem. Even if you have chosen the best product but do not know how to drive traffic-visitors to your webpage, you may not earn anything from affiliate marketing program. Learning how to attract traffic to your website is at the root of your success as an Afiliate. You can use the proven, powerful marketing systems below:

Adword:   Adword is done by placing an ad on Google search engine. When someone clicks on the ad, he gets to your website and possibly makes a purchase, or passes through your website to your affiliate merchant. It requires that you pay for the service but I tell you, what you will pay pales into significance with the revenue that your blog will eventually generate for you.

Forums:   You can drive traffic to you blog if you join into forums and exchange articles, ideas, and other resources with other bloggers. Search Google to find a forum that relates to your niche.

Article Writing: You can exploit the very effective traffic boosting system of article writing. Yes, write articles regularly. A good article can be a launching platform for an amazing marketing campaign, resulting in greater market share and greater recognition.

The obvious use of article is to draw traffic to a website. Using articles for that purpose is much better than many other marketing methods, simply due to the ease of creation and dispersion inherent with web based articles. Particularly good articles can go “viral” and have a dramatic effect on your website’s traffic. Articles can easily be posted on FaceBook, Digg, or

“Do not discount the benefit of cross-promoting with social sites. There are millions of consumers on social sites each sharing information and helping to increase the reputation of websites around the world. Harnessing the power of article writing can help you harness social websites and effortlessly (and cheaply!) increase your recognition”. Janet

How to Identify a Good Affiliate Marketing Program

  1. Does the affiliate program have the product that you yourself enjoy?
  2. How high is the commission it offers? Is it up to 30% and more?
  3. How often does the affiliate program pay? Weekly? Monthly?
  4. Does the affiliate program have promotional resources?
  5. How wide is the target market of the program? Large or just a niche?
  6. Make sure that the affiliate program is highly rated , reputable and has been established for some time. Never go for new and unknown program
  7. Check the program details to make sure that detailed free training and good follow up and coaching are provided.
  8. Look up the commission plan and make sure that the program gives that highest commission with leverage so you get commission through your down line sales. and up to as many levels as possible.
  9. Never get attracted by the get rich programs that promise you very high income in very short time.
  10. Make sure that the program pays commission monthly or every two week.
  11. Check the product line of the program and try to choose the affiliate program that deals with information products such as ebook , software, website design , hosting and consumables for every day use including house hold products.
  12. Have you read the affiliate agreement? This is a key area that you should look at. Some affiliate agreements are totally in favor of the supplier.
  13. Join affiliate programs that pay two-tier commissions. This enables you to not only earn commissions on your own sales but also on the sales of people who you introduce to your affiliate program.
  14. Join affiliate programs that offer a line of products so that you can earn commissions when your referrals come back and purchase other services or products.
  15. Choose the Affiliate Program that sell Product which you know about or are interested in.

What to Do After Joining an Affiliate Marketing Program

  1. Read carefully the training material of the affiliate program then concentrate on the promotional tools provided and noting the sample text ads provided, your affiliate links and all the the suggested advertising methods .
  2. Start advertising your affiliate program to build up your downline and in the same time advertise to sell at least one chosen product. It is important to note that you reach no where with an affiliate program unless you develop the skills of selling online.
  3. Keep looking for free advertising sites such as free classifieds, traffic exchanges, opt in safelists , forums and messages boards.
  4. Track your advertising campaign to concentrate on the ads that gives you the best results in order to save time and money.
  5. Build your own website as soon as possible to get more traffic and hence speed the process of building your downline.

Before you go ever through the stress in affiliate marketing, be sure that the program operator is not a dishonest one. Make sure you do your research before investing your time and resources in this business.

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