How to Start And Run a Travel Agency Business in Nigeria

Many people  are very interested in Travel Agency Business in Nigeria. Not only because they want to make money, they have probably heard that the business is full of many interesting things. Of course Travel Agency Business in Nigeria the business is lucrative, but like every other business, there are challenges. In this report, we shall disclose the opportunities open to potential travel agents, as well as the challenges. We shall also talk about training and implications of Travel Agency Business in Nigeria.

Why Choose Travel Agency Business in Nigeria?

You may have observed that Nigerians travel a lot both around the country and outside the country. Many people travel for school, business, and holidays. And as the population increases this travel trend will increase.

As people travel by every means especially by air, they will always need the services of travel agents to help them book airline tickets. Other travelers count heavily on travel agents for other itinerary services both at departure and at their final destinations. Travelers always need car hire, train, accommodation, and even tourism services. Given this trend, investing in Travel Agency Business in Nigeria makes a lot of sense.

So What Skills Do You Need to Start Travel Agency Business in Nigeria?

There seems to be two major ways to venture into this business.

  1. Start as an Affiliate Travel Agent or a Freelance Travel Agent
  2. Start as a Comprehensive Travel Agent

Affiliate or Freelance Travel Agent

A number of big travel companies in Nigeria allow companies and individuals to engage in selling highly discounted travel products such as flights, hotels, airport pick-ups, tour packages etc. Any individual or company whether IATA registered or not qualifies for this opportunity. All that is needed to become an Affiliate is to register online. Two good affiliate programs are run by Travelstart and Wakanow. These companies make it possible to Travel Agency Business in Nigeria

It is called Freelance Travel Agency because you can work from anywhere- home or office. Besides, you can sell travel products and services for as many companies as you want. Yes, you are fully independent of the travel agencies you represent. If you choose to run your business in an office, you can own an office space and equipment such as computers, phones and the necessary office supplies. You earn based on the amount of business booked, the commissions generated by those bookings and the conditions specified in the contract between the companies you represent and you.  In other words you are not guaranteed any income. There is also no limit on how much you can earn. It all depends on how much you sell.

Comprehensive Travel Agent Business in Nigeria

To start a comprehensive Travel Agency Business in Nigeria, you must have the license to operate a comprehensive travel agency which will include organizing tours, booking tickets, hotels, organizing a chartered flight, etc. You must register your company with the International Air Transport Agency (IATA) as an accredited travel agent. This venture is capital intensive but there are lots of advantages.

  1. One of the advantages is that you will be given access to IATA airline database where you can easily get the best ticket prices for your customers.
  2. You will enjoy IATA training programmes which will really show you how to use their system to power your own business.
  3. You are free to subscribe to a Global Distribution System (GDS) like ZurichSystem, Travelclick, Hotelgix, Sabre, Amadues, etc. Travel agents use this system to order airline seats, and hotel rooms in various destinations.
  4. You also get access to a lot more customers, and make a lot of money.

IATA stipulates that to start Travel Agency Business in Nigeria, you must have four or five workers. Out of these workers, at least two must have significant experience with working with an airline or recognized travel agency. You must have an office apartment. You must have at least four computer systems with full internet connection and constant power supply. Your company must be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Are you Really Prepared to Start Travel Agency Business in Nigeria?

A very important thing to consider before starting a travel agency business in Nigeria is to check your own knowledge and personality. Travel agency business is not for shy and reserved people. You must be outgoing, with a great passion for traveling and learning about destinations. You must be ready to share your travel desire with other people.

Knowledge will help you to quickly analyze your customers’ wants and needs and put together a travel package they will never forget. And you need to be outgoing and friendly because you will always have to interact with all kinds of people and treat them with respect.

So analyze yourself, and be honest. Is this what you really want to do? If yes, then go ahead and establish another great Travel Agency Business in Nigeria. This is a kind of business that you won’t regret doing.

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