Why Use Voguepay Payment Gateway?

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Voguepay Payment Gateway is one of the respected payment gateways in Nigeria.

The Need for Voguepay Payment Gateway

The quest for Nigerians to use internet based payment processors is getting more and more solved as the days go by. You will recall that Nigerians were prohibited from Paypal – the world’s biggest internet payment processor. Up till now, Paypal still restricts Nigerians for reasons that Nigerians are ‘dubious’ online. This has posed a lot of trouble for most Nigerian internet marketers and merchants. They find it a huge challenge to receive money for goods and services they sell online. For this reason, so many internet marketers have cut corners to use Paypal and more and more have been banned with huge sums of money lost.

In recent times, some Nigerians began thinking about how to bring such benefits home for the local Nigerian people. One of the fastest growing internet payment processors providers is VoguePay from Afrisoft Interactive.

We can believe in VogePay because of its growth rate (over 2,300 registered Merchant base and over 1,000 websites linking into it, all within the first 3 months of operation). Besides, the reputation of the company behind VoguePay- AFRISOFT Interactive (is a company that has grown to become a global company. With software sales in Nigeria, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Canada, France, U.S.A, U.K, India and several other countries, Afrisoft has broken every encountered barrier and built sustainable bridges that have connected Nigeria to the world. With a valuation of N20 Million and over 6000% growth rate per year (in 2011))

What Can You Do With VoguePay Payment Gateway?

  • VoguePay allows you to really go cashless by accepting payment from remote buyers without buyers going to pay cash into seller’s bank account.
  • VoguePay allows you to incorporate multiple credit/debit cards such as VISA Card, Interswitch, Etranzact without limit to your merchant status.
  • Unlike Google Checkout and Paypal, VoguePay allows you to pay into any Nigerian bank accounts of your choice both into savings and current accounts.
  • Using the TEXT-DIRECT feature, you can carry out transactions without the need for internet connection. You can transfer money, check balance, withdraw to bank, request for payment, send invoice and perform a few other tasks by SMS. No internet required. Google checkout and PayPal do not yet have these features.
  • You are allowed to use your mobile phones such as Android, Blackerry, Symbian, etc, to carry out payment transactions.
  • You can make additional income from VoguePay’s Affiliate Program. VoguePay pays you commission for life on any new merchant you refer to use VoguePay payment processor. This means that every time the person you referred makes sales online, you earn money into your VoguePay wallet.
  • You get SMS and Email transaction alerts for every transaction on your account.
  • Unlike other payment processors, on startup you pay no merchant fees. You are free to install and integrate VoguePay’s API on your website for free.
  • Even if you cannot write computer programs, you can use any of VoguePay’s free code generation, user friendly codes. Their professional programmers can also do it for you. For free!
  • You can now easily install shopping cart features such as from Woocommerce, Oscommerce, WordPress, Jumla, Drupal, and many more into your website using VoguePay.

Why Use Voguepay Payment Gateway?

Voguepay deserves our thumbs-Up for thinking out such an innovative skill out of the box.

  • Vogue Pay takes security issue very serious, with an admirable support service.
  • Funding and withdrawal with VoguePay is pretty easy and fast,
  • With the absence of account segregation, signing up with vogue pay is easy and can be completed with a minute or two.
  • Account verification is easy and optionally (although highly recommended)

Start using Voguepay Payment Gateway. Click Here: https://voguepay.com/7370

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