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Okra Farming In Nigeria: Detailed Business Guide

Okra is a very useful vegetable used to prepare one of the most consumed meals in Nigeria.  One reason why a lot of people in Nigeria love soups made from okra is because okra is not expensive to prepare. Another reason is that okra is packed filled with nutritional content such as vitamins A, B, […]

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Palm Kernel Oil Business in Nigeria- Detailed Guide

Palm Kernel Oil Business in Nigeria is a GOLD MINE! This is because the demand for palm kernel is very high and the production in Nigeria is very low. Did you know that Nigeria imports Palm Kernel Oil? This is very strange! History has it that in the early 1960s, Nigeria’s palm oil production accounted for […]

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Poultry Farming Business In Nigeria: A Step By Step Guide

Poultry Farming Business is one of the most lucrative agriculture businesses you can do in Nigeria. Everyday, hundreds of thousands of poultry products are consumed by Nigerians in thousands of homes, eateries’, and restaurants, and this trend will not stop. Did you know that the amount of poultry products produced in the county is not […]

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