The Complete Make-up Curriculum For Students and Tutors

While deciding to become a make up artist, you may be wondering: what does a complete make up curriculum or training content look like? It is important that you ask this question so that you do fall into the hands of make-up trainers that would half-bake you. At best, you can only use your half-baked knowledge to service friends and family and won’t have the courage to undertake professional jobs. To guide you, we have put together a complete Make-up Artistry course content.

Introductory Beauty Make Up Training

This training introduces you to the industry. You learn facial structure and tools needed for Make up skill. The course will also introduce you to different eye brow grooming options, foundation shades/tones, skin care analysis, how to prepare the skin for makeup application, looks including nude looks, day to day looks, and bridal makeup looks, as well as traditional marriage make up.

Here is what the make up course curriculum looks like

  • Tools needed for Make up Art trade
  • Products/Foundation Shades
  • Facial Structure/Applications Techniques
  • Face shapes
  • Natural Make up/Nude Make up
  • Day Make up
  • Bridal Makeup/Traditional Marriage Make up
  • Skin Care Analysis
  • Gele Classes
  • Match/Skin Tone
  • Eyebrow Definition & Grooming
  • Skin Care Analysis/Skin Preparation

Intermediate Beauty Makeup Course

This training is a follow-up of the basic beauty course. It immerses you into photography makeup, runway make up analysis, creating dramatic Smokey eyes, jazzy look and extreme fashion look. With this foundation, you can start your own business.

Here is what the make up course curriculum looks like:

  • Photography Makeup
  • Run Way Make up Analysis
  • Dramatic Smoky Eyes
  • Colour Theory (Technique/Application)
  • Jazzy Look (Day & Runway)
  • Pro-Lash Extension (Single & Strip)
  • Equipping yourself for the business

Professional Makeup Course

If you still want to go further in make up artistry, then you should undergo the professional course. This course offers a diploma certificate in make up artistry.

Here is what the make-up curriculum looks like:

  • Corrective Make up (Anti-Ageing, Shading & Highlighting)
  • Airbrushing for Bridal Make up
  • The Art of Contour (Face, Lips & Eyes)
  • Advance Head Gear Classes (Double)
  • Preparing your portfolio/Marketing your Career
  • Ethics of the trade
  • Customer Service/Relation

Theatre Make up Course

Theatre make up helps you to create role characterization in actors and actresses. This course is responsible for tweaking the appearance of character so that they appear aged, burnt and bruised, accidental, stitched and scared. You use this skill in the movie/film industry.

The next time you visit a make-up school, ask for their curriculum and see if they offer the above skills or even more. Some make up schools may be offering less for less money. You may accept their offer if you do not have enough money to afford the training we have outlined. Truth is, it requires some money to enjoy the above training, but what is worth doing is worth doing well.

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