What Nigerians Are Now Saying About Vocational Skills in Nigeria

What Nigerians Are Now Saying About Vocational Skills in Nigeria

The issue of vocational skills in Nigeria was very silent  back in the days. People favoured university degrees and most parents encouraged their children to go to the university. Those who learned vocational skills such as hairdressing, tailoring, vehicle repairs, and the like were looked down upon. But now, the game has changed. The economy is crashing and jobs are very difficult to get after the many years and resources spent in university education. So many university graduates now find themselves going back to vocational training schools where they are thought to become self employed. Although so many children still dream of going to the university any more than parents are insisting that their children must acquire university education. But the truth must be told- Vocational skills in Nigeria is having the upper hand.

Let us share with you some opinions from nairaland.com. Hear what Nigerians are saying about vocational skills in Nigeria


It really gives me concern seeing Nigerian graduates roaming the street in search of white-collar jobs that are not even there. Now see how bank workers are retrenched lately.
It’s unfortunate how we’ve bought over the idea of traditional learning as the only acceptable form of education. Countries like Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Scandinavian and most other developed countries hold vocational education on high esteem. But here in Nigeria Vocational training is rated as second class.


Vocational education would go a long way in fighting the unemployment trend in the country if properly implemented and executed.


I think those with vocational skills are taking care of themselves, whilst those with degrees and similar qualifications are also hustling. It is not a matter of the state anymore, it is about you the individual. I can say that things are gradually changing, at least I am involved in a project that is aimed at bringing photography and photographers to the fore.

The guy is an undergraduate studying Accounting and looks set to become a “big boy” in photography- things are gradually changing.


It’s a welcome idea, really.

Gone are those days when skill acquisition was primarily left for the unlearned. We all are in it, together now, but with a lot more creativity and difference.


I think being self empowered is the key to reducing unemployment, as it is, the ministry of education recently, starting from January 2012 with SS1 students included COMPULSORY 34 vocational courses to the curriculum and mandated schools to pick a minimum of 3 of these courses and to be offered as compulsory subjects, this implies that every student leaving secondary school in the next 2years must have learnt at least 3vocational courses and can do something worthwhile while in school, after school or when still waiting for admission, this is a welcome development even though the govt has shifted the burden to the school owners to bear. With every Nigerian child having a skill or vocation,chances are that there will be drastic reduction: in the number of students seeking admission into higher institution at the same time,crime rate and joblessness,


This is where are missing it, I missed an opportunity to learn how to repair maintain Note Counting machines, because I felt it wasn’t cool since I was already training as an Accountant. I later worked in a place where I saw the technician who ¬†repairs note counters being paid heavily while I was totally dissatisfied with my own salary.

However, I must say that the orientation is gradually changing, bankers now going for training in Fashion Designing etc. Vocational skill is a way of ensuring that you never lack regular source of income, especially in Nigeria were there are no social safety nets at the event of Job loss.


Graduate unemployment is really getting out of hand in this country. Estimates have it that 50% of graduates currently doing their NYSC are unlikely to get jobs in the next 3 years. Nigerian youth had better wise up to this reality. Vocational skills acquisition offers a veritable foundation for you to start your own business, earn an income and even become an employer of labour. One of the worst things we did to our educational system was the abandonment of the focused implementation of the 6-3-3-4 program.

What do you think? Should Nigerians go to the university or to a vocational school?

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