What are skills and How Can You Choose a Good One?

What are skills?

Skills are the abilities you learned, gained from experience or regular practice in order to carry out a task. No one is born with skills; we learn them as we grow up-from the activities we engage in, from work, study, training, and the experiences we acquire.

We need a broad range of skills in order to contribute to a modern economy. These skills include:

Since it not possible to acquire all the skills there are, we can as least specialize in certain skills based on our interest and personalities. Find below some areas under which you can specialize:

  • Budgeting– managing money, budgets or finances
  • Calculating– using mathematics to solve problems
  • Constructing– building, making, assembling, manufacturing things or materials
  • Creating– inventing, originating, designing or composing
  • Creative writing– writing articles, stories or lyrics to inform or entertain
  • Decision making– weighing up options and making a choice
  • Fixing and repairing– mending, restoring, renovating things Influencing – selling, persuading, encouraging
  • Investigating– researching, studying, questioning for information
  • Leadership– leading, directing, guiding others
  • Mechanical operation– operating tools, machinery or technology.
  • Organising– arranging, co-ordinating people, resources and schedules
  • Physical strength and co-ordination– being fit, strong and able to move your whole body smoothly and accurately
  • Planning– predicting, scheduling, preparing for tasks, events, projects Precision work– handling things accurately, carefully and quickly
  • Problem solving– looking at problems from different points of view and exploring possible solutions
  • Teamwork– achieving goals with others
  • Time management– meeting deadlines, setting priorities, being on time
  • Training– helping and guiding others to learn and develop new skills

From the above skills, one person may be good at problem solving while another may be good at leading others effectively. But when a number of people who are good at different skills form a team, they usually work more effectively.

By and large, some of the above skills such as Leadership and Teamwork even if not inherent in you should be given attention to in order to be successful. These skills will not only make you a good employee, you also become an effective manager.

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