What is a Career and How Can You Choose a Good One?

What is a Career?

career is a job or a profession that someone does for a long time. It involves an individual’s course or progress through life. This means that your career is your portion in life, your calling. As you journey through life and engage in work that you have learned, such engagement is your career.

Your career relates to the working aspect of your life. It includes a range of aspects of your life, learning and work. Your career can also be described as your occupation or profession-your lifework that usually involves special training or formal education.

Since your career is the whole thing about your life, it should not be chosen for you. In fact, the US News advises that when choosing a career that’s best for you, you should consider multiple things:

  • Your natural talents
  • Your work style
  • Your social interaction
  • Your work-life balance
  • Whether or not you are looking to give back
  • Whether you are comfortable in the public eye,
  • Whether you’ll be dealing with stress or not
  • How much money you want to make.

If you find it difficult to choose a career, try to understand yourself and what you want to achieve in life. Consider the questions below and follow the link to find a list of careers that match your interest:

  • I Am Striving To Help People
  • I Am Striving To Be Recognized
  • I Am Striving To Be Creative
  • I Am Striving To Be Spontaneous
  • I Am Striving To Be Knowledgeable
  • I Am Striving To Be Secure
  • I Am Striving To Be In Control

By using the above questions to understand yourself and what you are striving to be, it will become easier for you to choose a career that you will love and enjoy.

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