What is Computer Literacy and Basic Computer Skills?

What is Computer Literacy?

In this day and age you should not be ignorant about computer. Almost anything you need can now- education, jobs, news, and entertainment are all available via computer. In fact it has become extremely necessary for everyone to at least know how to use computers and computer application programs. The benefits are endless. Computer literacy can allow you to utilize the computer in your home (if you have one), expand job qualifications, take advantage of the conveniences offered by the modern computer, and even prevent identity theft or computer security breaches.

What are the Basic Computer Skills?

“Basic computer skills” is a term that is used to identify the essential skills you need in order to make use of a computer. It involves knowledge of how a particular operating system functions, how to perform tasks on the desktop, how to use the computer mouse to utilize the programs in the hard drive, how to search a computer hard drive, how to use some computer programs to solve problems in an office environment, and how to use an email program to create, send, and receive emails.

The Skills You Need To Learn

  • How To operate the computer mouse, keyboard, and speaker
  • How To perform tasks on the computer desktop
  • How To search for data stored in the computer hard disk
  • How To copy and paste data from one source to another
  • How To install computer software using the computer drives
  • How To attach a hardware to the computer and operate it well
  • How To operate a word processing program
  • How To operate an electronic spreadsheet program
  • How To use presentation software to create simple slides
  • How To create computer graphics, graphs and charts,
  • How To print documents and envelopes
  • How To use the internet to send and receive emails
  • How To use the internet to conduct searches
  • How To use the internet to download computer contents
  • How To work with some type of information database programs

Career Prospect

When searching for job you may be amazed to find out that the scope of skills that are considered basic may vary with different employers. For example, one employer may consider the ability to make use of a specific type of word processing software to be among the basic computer skills required, while a different employer may place more emphasis on the ability to work with electronic spreadsheets. And so on. Being diverse in what you can accomplish with the computer will help you to get the desired job.

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