Where Do Power Sector Personnel of Nigeria Get Their Training?

Power Sector Personnel of Nigeria Get Their Training from Naptin.

The National Power Training Institute of Nigeria (NAPTIN) was established to provide training for power sector personnel and coordinate training activities in the sector. In pursuit of this mandate, NAPTIN has taken over the management of existing seven regional training centres of PHCN.

NAPTIN is seeking to equip the industry with the skills that will be needed and are now looking forward to training 500 fresh graduates under the Graduate Skills Development programme.  University and Polytechnic graduates of Electrical/Mechanical Engineering who desire a career in the power sector after privatisation are invited to apply for the one year skills development programme.  This will equip applicants with the necessary and essential skills for the potential jobs and careers in the power industry.

NAPTIN plans to embark on the development of a world-class training program which will require many international experts working with Nigerian experts.  NAPTIN training focus will be along the following themes: Technical course (covering Generation, Transmission and Distribution), Management/Computer Application skills, Commercial/Financial, Leadership/Business, Regulatory/Reform courses.

Requirements and Application

Applicants should be University/Polytechnic Engineering graduates who have completed their National Youth Service Corps programme, and will be required to show evidence of these during the admission process.  Applicants will need to fund the cost of the programme and also their accommodation and subsistence but they may be able to find sponsorship, for example from their State, Local Government, companies, or any other sponsoring body.

Technical Courses:

  • Generator Protection (P3)
  • Basic Instrument and Control Course for Technicians
  • Basic Instrument and Control Course for Engineers
  • Steam Turbine Training Course (Pupil Engineers)
  • Gas Turbine Training Course (Pupil Engineers)
  • Hydro Turbine Training Course
  • Phase 1Thermal Operators Training Module 2
  • Thermal Operators Training Course Phase I (Boiler Operation and its auxiliary)
  • Distance Protection Course (P2)
  • SCADA System
  • Senior Electrical Operator Course
  • Electrical Maintenance Course on Switchgear
  • Cable Jointing Stage II
  • Distribution Substation Operation Course Module II
  • Distribution Lines Maintenance Course
  • Maximum Demand Meter
  • Electrical Fitters Course
  • Basic Power System Protection (P1)
  • Electrical Maintenance Course on Transformer

Non-Technical Courses:

  • Computer Concepts & Application course for Utility Employees
  • Advanced Microsoft Office for Professionals & Management Employees
  • Project Management Using Microsoft Project
  • AutoCAD for Electrical Engineer
  • Negotiation of off-take Power and Gas Agreement – (Foreign)
  • Financial Modelling and Business Planning for Utilities
  • National Workshop on Financing Power Projects
  • Executive Team and Leadership Course
  • Regulation and Price Determination
  • Accounting and Financial Budgeting for Electric Utilities.
  • Revenue Cycle Management Course
  • Performance Improvement Course
  • Inventory Control & performance Improvement Course for Store Officers
  • Maximum Demand Meter Course

NGSDP Online Application Tips

  1. Signup to the NAPTIN Training Management Information System if you do not have an account (click here to SignUp).
  2. If you already have an account, login to the NAPTIN TMIS portal
  3. Go to the Training Applications Page
  4. Select the NGSDP Training Program and proceed with the application

Further Enquiries

For further Enquiries, please contact the NAPTIN TMIS Help Desk:

NAPTIN Corporate Headquarters
Plot 21, Cadastral Zone,
Idu Industrial Area, Idu District,
Off Airport Road,
FCT Abuja, Nigeria

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