Who Are Beauticians, and What Do They Do?

So many people in Nigeria believe that once they have leant how to make hair and beautify women, they are professional beauticians, are they? The good news is that they are already beauticians! However, there is a lot about being a beautician that catches our curiosity. This article will provide a fantastic guide to people who love working in the beauty industry. But first, who is a beautician?

A beautician is a male or a female you see working in a salon, usually as a hair stylist. He or she is trained to provide many types of beauty and personal care services, from manicures to brow waxes to makeup applications. Now, because there are a lot of services that a beautician can render, it may be wise to specialize in some. Let’s now highlight the services that beauticians render, and the titles given to people that render them:

Hair Treatments:

Beauticians who offer hair treatment services to clients including permanents, conditioning treatments, hair styling, coloring, and trims, then you are a Hair treatment specialists, or most appropriately, a cosmetologists, provide more than just haircuts. But if your specialty is to work beautify male clients only, you’d be considered a barber. As a cosmetologist, might also perform some of these services on wigs or hairpieces.

Skin Care

Beauticians who take care of their client’s skin care are called Estheticians. Their main task is to keep the skin looking young and healthy, often by providing facials, peels and moisturizing treatments. They also perform hair removal services, such as waxing, and with extra training, they might also offer laser hair removal. Many estheticians provide makeup consultations and applications, as well.

Estheticians do a lot of facial work. They apply face packs, creams and lotions to cleanse and tone the skin, massaging the face to stimulate blood circulation and exercise facial muscles.

When the client wants facial hair removed, the Esthetician uses heated wax or, with more training, special electrical equipment. Waxing consists of applying the warm substance to the prepared area, allowing it to cool and then removing it, either by stripping, peeling or rubbing it away. Electrolysis is a method of removing hair permanently – the therapist inserts a fine needle into each hair follicle and switches on a low electric current. This destroys the hair root and prevents further growth.

Estheticians also pluck and shape eyebrows, tint eyelashes and apply make-up to enhance facial features. Sometimes they use cosmetic camouflage techniques to cover skin blemishes

Nail Treatments

Beauticians who provide manicures and pedicures are called Nail Treatment Technicians, Manicurists, or Pedicurists. Manicurists treat, shape, buff and polish hand nails; they also apply artificial nails with adhesives. Pedicures focus on the feet and often involve massage along with treatment of the toenails.

Depending on what the client wants and needs, the beautician files and shapes their nails, removes hardened skin, applies creams, massages the hands and feet and applies nail polish.

Some beauticians also train in hairdressing or special types of treatments in order to extend the range of their services.

Now you know more about Beauticians. Won’t you rather be one?

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