Without Interpersonal Skill, You May Soon Be Kicked Out of the Job

Did you know that Interpersonal skill is the most important skill you need to sustain a job? Of all the skills employers want to see in their employees, interpersonal skills rank highest (37%). With this you see that if you do not have interpersonal skill, you are not an asset to any organization, and no one wants to keep a liability around for a long time. But what is interpersonal skill?

But What is Interpersonal skill?

Interpersonal skill has to do with your ability to interact and communicate effectively with other people. There are seven main areas of interpersonal communication:

  • Verbal communication. The manner, tone of voice and the words that you use to communicate to others. If you scream orders at your inferiors for instance, they may find it hard to work with you and may not even understand your directions.
  • Non-verbal communication. Your facial expression, body language and gestures. If you always frown and show lack of expression towards others, they may not feel comfortable working with you.
  • Listening skills. The ability to hear attentively and process information correctly. If you do not listen well and carry out the wrong order, you may cause loss to the organization.
  • Negotiation. the ability to discuss and reach an agreement in a professional manner.
  • Problem-solving. The ability to find a solution to a problem especially when it concerns customers.
  • Decision-making. The ability to analyze options and take a wise decision.
  • Assertiveness

All of these areas can help you to display good work ethics and people relationship such as:

  • Providing good customer service
  • Resolving conflicts well
  • Fostering effective workplace communication
  • Working well in team environments
  • Adapting well to changes in the workplace
  • Conveying professionalism
  • Becoming a good leader

What if you are the one with the most technical experience in the organization, can it be overlooked if you perform poorly in interpersonal skill? Well, employers place more emphasis on interpersonal skills over technical skills. They believe they can train employees to use new technologies. But they can hardly teach employees how to display interpersonal skills.

People with interpersonal skills are a great asset to the because their actions can result in higher productivity. They work more effectively with other employees which leads to greater internal efficiencies and fewer workplace conflicts. Interpersonal skill training is, therefore, a good investment in most work environments.

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